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vlo's boring life...and stuff

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Will be gone from juli 6th to august 6th for another holiday to the USA ^^

After which i leave again on the 16th to the 26th when i'll be going to slovenia to meet a very good friend :)


'ave a good summer ^^



Spoiled little Vlooi got himself a shiny e-reader! He hopes he will start reading a lot more now, because he does enjoy reading! =D


T'is a 6 inch sony prs-600. I gots myself a few books, including the dragonriders of pern series(no, i pirated that one! i already own the books D= ), and it's reading damn fine, no word is lied if they say that it reads just like a book ^^





I hate snow, it's cold, delays public transport, makes me slip and fall, makes driving awkward, and the little kids will throw snowballs whenever possible X|

It's been snowing and melting here for maybe already 2 months now, lost all sense of trust in public transport, and i feel like catching a cold every day, but don't actually catch a cold (i haven't been sick in what..10 years or so). Every time it seems the snowing is finally over, it starts again with all its force the next day.. i want sun! i want warmth! a tropical heat would be a welcome change of weather!


Bored Bored Bored

Just to get something off my chest


Boredom.. if it could kill, i'd lay dead on the floor by now. recent few days, i've been dieing to have something to do that i wanted to do.. there's plenty of things to do..ED, AD, my own site, my server.. But, the hypocrite i am, it doesn't interest me on those moments. Had a week of nothingness after Internship ended, and i failed at doing anything productive.. lurking ED, lurking several IRC networks...watching msn waiting for peeps to come online. The only thing that offered distraction for some time was the server i'm fiddling with, but that couldn't offer limitless entertainment either.


And communities..well basically, ED is the only community i am actively involved in, i do want to get on other places, but either the place is not appealing, or my shyness kills me and i go lurking mode.


Well, 'slashes nudged me to blog about it, so here goes!


Monday i started off, we were with a group of 6 students who would be doing their internship there. We got introduced by the managers of three departments. There would be three assignments, all of them being building test units for that particular department's part of the application. After picking pairs and assignments, we got a little tour around the building.

It's a professional looking, very well lit(lots of windows) building, with LOTS of coffee machines(free, by the way, WOO!).

Anyway, we spent the first three days on a 'course' getting to learn the application they are still working on. (It's like a desktop, but it only requires a browser, it's pretty damn awesome).


And now, me and my student collegae are working at the department where our assignment is, it's a quite large office, with nice peoples, and a coffee machine just outside the door. Daily there is a SCRUM meeting(get together, and everyone tells shortly what he has done, and what he will do, and if there any trouble). Also, we usually converse in english there, though it's a dutch company! We have someone on our department who is from the Indian branch of the company, and is still trying to learn dutch.. we're having lots of fun, plus i get to practice my english speaking some more =)


The building is located somewhere near a town, and in a small rural area. There is a castle like thing right next to it, (also owned by the company's owner), that's where we lunch every midday, fresh bread, lots of spreads, cheese, ham, other kinds of meat, yoghurt, milk, soup, etc. Anyway, t'makes for a great lunch


As for the assignment, it's pretty tough. For the tests, we use a technology that's new for the company(soapUI, if you're interested), the tests need to reach 80% coverage of code, and there are a lot of situations that need testing.. so, now the first 2 weeks we'll be spending on analyzing the system, and possible testing cases, and then we'll get working on a plan and get this thing rollin'!


And as for how i like it: so far, i like it! Grabbin' a big cuppa'coffee when arriving, and gettin' to work! T'is fun to finally do some work that actually interests me!