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Today went rather well. I cleaned my living room for my mom and had my ipod going. This morning I mediated what a great way to start your day. Lol that rhymes. I also Finished 4 poems I am so happy about. I also talked to my very good and close friend. Tomorrow if it warm up I might actually sit by my river again and see if any new poems ideas flow through. It feels good to be out doors during the spring or anytime. I love be out more then inside. If it wasn't for the cold weather and what ever danger there is outdoors I would Sleep outdoors. Sometimes the moon is by my window. Lately with burning sage or incense I been having really peaceful sleep.


Blessend day

Well it raining so i stayed home and read and danced. I am also thinking of writing more poems. I am abit groggy but other then that it seem like a peaceful and quiet. Hard to believe soon will be Easter and will be spending time with family. Rain is like a time of renew and cleansing.

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