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New life?

How would I possibly start this? Where to start? Well, how's about 2-3 weeks ago and the reasons I've made my return?

I was having troubles with math. Simple, simple beginning algebra, yet I cannot get the hang of it. My Media class has no due dates for work (unless you could count the end of the year as the due date) so that was showing up as an F. My dad and his gf are very severe on any mistakes I make in my life or if I forget anything (and I often do) so I'm used to being yelled at, though I was getting irritated and I'm a VERY mellow person.

So, during a monday my dad's gf gets a letter on my failing of Media. She says that I'm not going to do any airsoft or go anywhere, and I say fine, even though usually they take away my computer instead. Airsoft means much to me since I'm the commander of Broken Protocol.

"If you can give me a report card saying you are passing Media, I'll let you go."

Reasonable enough.

Come friday, I forgot the report card, I'm bummed out, and b***ed at for another letter from my math teacher. Its about me failing math even though "He's improving" appears on the letter.

So I do some yard work, the usual stuff needed, then...sunday.

"I want you to do EVERY single one of your assignments over again."

I say "No, I can't, he wont accept them because I've turned in every one."

They scream at me that this isnt about turning in the majority of the assignments or the two that I did miss. They just want me to redo everything.

I stay calm throughout and say no.

So my dad and his gf scream and yell then say "Either do everything over or get out"

So, being a stubborn teenager who's finally had enough of the same screaming over two years, I pack some clothes and walk out.

I got to a highway about ten miles away, took a rest, and the police picked me up on a report of someone leaning on a power utility box. So they give me three options: Keep Walking, Go to a friends, or go back to my dads...

After some deliberation, I go to a friends.

Well here I am until I move to my mom's place in Seattle Washington...

Could you believe I wanted to walk all the way there but didnt realize it would've been illegal to walk on Interstates in Wisconsin???

So The reasons im back are: I'm allowed to use a computer with internet at a friends because my computer apparently wasnt able to link with linksys even though my dad's gf is a master with comps and I've had linksys on mine before, I'm gonna go to Seattle where I can talk about anytime as my mom can help with internet issues, and I was asked by Shadow (Kalstatha Xoshia) to return...and partially, I wanted to see how the old forum was...lots of old memories...

Hahaha, well, all is well now...I still get a severe feeling of stress and loss, but it's going to be better now...I know it.

-Kyle A.K.A. Philosopher.

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