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Round and round

The world will go,

It will not stop for you;

You have to look for where you'll fly

or get left behind, it's true;

Look to the future

And learn from the past,

It's not that hard you see,

Live every moment

Like it's your last,

And you will learn to be free.


Dragon's Secret

Years ago,

I looked inside,

To find who I truly was,

Within me I heard,

Something I had never,

Heard before,

It was a roar of a majestic creature,

A creature proud and strong,

One not thought by humans to exist,

This creature was a dragon,

I felt her as a part of me,

I knew what I was but not who I was,

How hard could this really be?

So I try once more,

To look inside,

Feeling my wings beat on the wind,

My sharp talons rolled in light fists,

As I ride on wind's sweet breath,

Warm air currents coming up to greet me,

My breath, hotter than a blacksmith's kiln,

I look around shocked,

Expecting to see talons from my hands,

I am a dragon,

I think to myself,

My chest swelling in pride,

But no one would believe,

I would be put away in a nut house,

So this secret, I must always hide.


Don't talk,

Just listen,

Be still,

And look around,


Do you hear it,

The silence,

It lives in all,

Every tree and rock,

Every person,

Even the wind and sun,

It lives in us all.


Do you see it,

The glow,

Everything shines,

Every rock and ant,

Even the wind,

Glowing with potential.


Do you feel it,

The humming,

All voices chorusing as one,

We are all the same,

All part of a web,

The web of life,

We are all unique,

But we are all the same.


Do you taste it,

The freedom,

It rides with the wind,

On the thermals and wings,

It lives in the grass,

Little paws scurrying along,

It lives in the water,

With sleek bodies gliding through,

It lives in me,

It lives in you.


Find the center,

Where you belong,

Find your heart,

And learn the song,

It lives in all of us,

In variations,

We are directors,

The conductors,

And composers,

But the song remains,

As we all are,

One and the same.


One without a name

I lay here on my bed,

wondering what the day will bring,

another day of classes,

one day closer to spring.


My heart of stone,

I call it,

has a broken shell,

my life a mold of clay around it,

it's insides just hell.


The heart of stone I used,

to stop my tears,

when things had hurt me,

through the many years.


Who am I?

I ask.

I want to scream it to the world.

No amount of searching,

seems to make the mystery unfurl.


My heart a tomb,

for what used to make me who I was,

I let others break me,

but I really was its cause.


I want to be happy,

I want to be sad,

I want to feel anger,

I want to be glad.


I want to feel again,

I hear my heart scream,

You've locked me away,

I thought we were a team.


You fight me and push me away,

you look for me,

but force yourself astray,

you pressure me and hurt me,

love me, yet hate me.


A hole in your mind,

a burning circle

you can't seem to find.

I listen to its screams and pleas,

then turn and walk away.


Love and family,

Happiness and trust,

Smiles and rides,

Walks and held hands,

Kids and marriage,

Halcyon days,

Days now forgotten,


I watch now,

At the hurt ensuing,

Wondering where,

Where did it go all wrong?

Lies and hurt,

Revenge and crying,

Balled fists and growling,

Yelling and screaming,

Stomping feet.


I want out,

Out of here,

Back to a time,

When things were simpler,

When things were happier,

Let me work,

Let me run,

Let me out of here.

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