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Woe to all ye who enter these depths, and partake in the insanity that can only be spawned from a mind so twisted . . .

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Addis Hellfire

Haven't written much in here, mainly because I've been having an off and on Livejournal account and occasionally writing on FurAffinity. Yeah, I'm on there too, though not the forum. I plan on writing some stuff for all you b*****ds to see, but this time around it's an update . notice . thing.


As of yesterday we received a notice from our landlords (we/our being my family and I). They want all the money they're owed (over 3K) and they want it now. So, we're expecting an eviction notice sometime soon. I can't find a job in this economy so we're pretty much boned. No idea what is going to happen there but suffice it to say it might impact my time here. If it does then I apologize sincerely, and I'll return when I can. For now I'm here, going to try and enjoy myself and spread the Derpiness as much as I can. I'll keep everybody updated on that one. Feel free to add me on an instant messenger, my contact info is listed on my profile.



Addis Hellfire

*looks around, sees nothing but white and some buttons* Heh, my first blog . . . ever . . . what exactly is a blog anyways? I'm serious, I don't know what a blog . . . well . . . I have a general idea, but not sure what exactly a blog is per say.


Oh . . . why the hell are you reading this? Get out. Now, really, hit that nifty back button on your browser, before you go absolutely insane from hearing my randomness . . .


. . . if you are reading this current line, then I assume you are either A) already insane or B) don't know where that back button is . . .


I'm just going to write this as I would pretty much any of my notes . . . except this is public and people can comment on them . . . creepy . . . anyways . . . Yeah, going to write this like my normal - wait, already said that. Where was I going with that chain of thought? Oh yeah . . . my thoughts are pretty scatter brained, so I hope you don't mind chains of thought being tangled, twisted, broken and reforged, and any other sayings that may apply.


Anyhoo . . . looking to get a discussion going on various things, because hardly anybody I know has an interest in them . . . if one of these appeals to you, then please, contact me in some way (PMs, forum posts . . . and I think blog comments . . . oh yeah, email).


First off . . . Dungeons & Dragons - the pen and paper roleplaying game that I am hooked on, yet am drifting ever farther away from . . . what will be the fate of D&D now? So far TSR crashed, and D&D was bought by Wizards of the Coast . . . oooook . . . third edition/3.5 came as a result of it and I am one of the only gamers I know who are even now reluctant about embracing it, because they put to much influences of other things (naimly, Magic the Gathering, which I also love, but do not want the rules of the two to be mixed). See, D&D is supposed to be a ROLEplaying game, not a ROLLplaying game . . . with the way that 3.5 is geared, it is leaning heavily on the rollplaying aspect, and leaving roleplayers behind. However, despite the stat crunching involved . . . 3.5 isn't tooo bad . . . until WotC began to run a little low on funs and was bought by HASBRO . . . HASBRO!? A MAINLY CHILDREN'S TOY COMPANY!?!? This mixing of products is what spawned the horrible D&D movie (I think . . . can't remember if the movie was before the merge . . . )! D&D is not, I repeat, not a kiddy game, and shouldn't be. Not saying that it is uber dark and mature either - although it can easily be - but it should not be tonned down to outragous degrees. For one thing: in the time period(s) that D&D campaigns are generally set, racisim and sexism are common, if not expected! Sure, some if not most settings (I honestly have little experience with most of D&D's official settings, only really with Dragonlance, Ravenloft, Lankhmar . . I mainly play homebrews) may have taken out this aspect, which is fine, but now people are pegging any of that behavior as instantly evil! Sorry, but wtf, lol. Even in some realworld cultures/religions/etc, this is the norm, and you would think they are evil!? Another thing . . . many aspects of D&D are dark . . . hell, Lankhmar - my number one favorite setting ever and the first setting I played when I was NINE - is a really dark setting . . murder, and violence are common there, as is the fact that finding a decent meal and place to sleep are a challenge . . . just like what is based off of, merry ole' england (er, not too good with history, but I'd say black plague days, around there . . . except medieval tech . . . ). Don't want to follow THAT particular chain of thought tooo far, but let's just say that kiddying down D&D is just a mistake . . . fourth edition came out somewhat recently . . . I played it at a convention before it was released, and played a few sessions recently, with DMs of varying calibur . . . and all I can say is: The game is not a roleplaying game anymore . . . they've killed the roleplaying aspects . . . now its a hit/miss scale when it comes to finding clues and such . . . and all about stat crunching and rules rap_ng . . . I personally admit that I am more of a rollplayer than a roleplayer (although I strive for the roleplaying), but man, if I want to play a roleplaying game, I'll play D&D . . . if I want a rollplaying game, I'll play either Warhammer or Mechwarrior! Any thoughts on the future of D&D?


On the topic of roleplaying games . . . there are a few that I've been dying to try out . . . any thoughts on the following: Star Wars SAGA, Werewolf: The Wild West, D20 Final Fantasy, Shadowrun . . . but yeah, any random thoughts, reviews, or even heads up on games in the area would be welcome.


I love to read, almost as much as play video games . . . which is scary, believe you me. Recently, I've picked up on the Thieves' World series, and the Ravenloft series . . . both awesome series, but not for the light hearted. Anybody ever read these? Also on the topic of books, any books out there that feature dragons as the main characters? Don't mention Eragon or the riders of pern series - already heard plenty about those, lol . . .


Er, games, how could I leave that one out . . . recently I got Armored Core 3: Silent Line (almost beat, but stuck on hard as hell mission), Advent Rising (beat, awesome game but pissed off at the ending), Bard's Tale (Funny as hell, but playing it in short bursts), Mercenaries (Love it, beat it, slaughtered it), and Way of the Samurai 2 (love it, beat it, slaughtered it . . . one of the best games of all time). Any thoughts on these games? Same question about the books (featuring dragons or any other reptile characters as main characters), but for games?


Last but not least right now . . . anime. Love anime, but it is hell of hard to find sites to watch them in. Watched Deathnote, and finished it and fell in love with it . . . 'tis the mindgames and style that I love, lol . . . and just finished the first season of Ghost in the Shell (Laughing Man ftw) and saw some GitS movies . . . any other good anime?


Well, so far that's all I can think of atm . . . if you are reading this, your SP has probably dropped to zero right now (that was a game reference . . . a cookie to anybody who can name that game!!) . . .



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