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Last week, I took a trip out to the Cleavland national forest, and found it a short but exciting camp out. We arrived at night, pitched tents, and fell asleep shortly after that. On Saturday, we had breakfast burritos, but the hash browns were soggy. Besides from that, the bacon, eggs, and cheese were good. After breakfast, we took a hike up a mountain that was 5 miles in total. Pics of the view are in the link later. We had sandwiches, which was probably the only good meal of the day. Ham, turkey, and cheese is really good on bread XD . I took a nap, and discovered that; while I was z'ing, the rest of the kids explored the "promise land". To explain, the campground was all cactus'y and such. When they explored, they found the group campsite with no cacti, green grass, and even a small stream. I really didn't mind what they found, I had a good sleep.


Dinner was a fun time. I burnt my pizza :D . Serious, I put it too low under the way too many coals. luckly, there was left-over turkey left so I ate that. We had a campfire, did some skits, and went to sleep. Sunday was a pack up and go, as the rain began to fall. Good camp out, all and all, but needs to be more focused on not buring food -_- .


Here are some picks. I'll organize into albums the next time I post. http://s512.photobucket.com/albums/t324/jman2467/?start=0


So, that was my week before. My birthday is tomorrow, so expect me busy. BYES! :P


As a member of BSA (Boy Scouts of America), one of my favorite things to do is to camp. I go on all sorts of trips, including snowboarding, hiking, and kayaking. Another thing I love to do is taking pictures. So, why not create a blog on my trips and pictures with them? So here it is, my blog on camping.

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