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Silence (newly named!)

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Don't talk,

Just listen,

Be still,

And look around,


Do you hear it,

The silence,

It lives in all,

Every tree and rock,

Every person,

Even the wind and sun,

It lives in us all.


Do you see it,

The glow,

Everything shines,

Every rock and ant,

Even the wind,

Glowing with potential.


Do you feel it,

The humming,

All voices chorusing as one,

We are all the same,

All part of a web,

The web of life,

We are all unique,

But we are all the same.


Do you taste it,

The freedom,

It rides with the wind,

On the thermals and wings,

It lives in the grass,

Little paws scurrying along,

It lives in the water,

With sleek bodies gliding through,

It lives in me,

It lives in you.


Find the center,

Where you belong,

Find your heart,

And learn the song,

It lives in all of us,

In variations,

We are directors,

The conductors,

And composers,

But the song remains,

As we all are,

One and the same.

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