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Dragon's Secret

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Years ago,

I looked inside,

To find who I truly was,

Within me I heard,

Something I had never,

Heard before,

It was a roar of a majestic creature,

A creature proud and strong,

One not thought by humans to exist,

This creature was a dragon,

I felt her as a part of me,

I knew what I was but not who I was,

How hard could this really be?

So I try once more,

To look inside,

Feeling my wings beat on the wind,

My sharp talons rolled in light fists,

As I ride on wind's sweet breath,

Warm air currents coming up to greet me,

My breath, hotter than a blacksmith's kiln,

I look around shocked,

Expecting to see talons from my hands,

I am a dragon,

I think to myself,

My chest swelling in pride,

But no one would believe,

I would be put away in a nut house,

So this secret, I must always hide.

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