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Draw meeee draw meeee



blog-0580581001347149313.pngOh give me a rest.


This is a built up angst over the years of people whining to artists (SFW and NSFW) to draw them for free. Why???? Because they don't have the money. I understand it is a hard time these days, we all feel it one way or another. But if you have ANY consideration for those who try to make a little living from drawing, to ask them for free art. Why the hell do you even try? It's mean, pathetic, low and greedy to do such a thing. I rarely get myself drawn. Only times it got drawn for free is when someone was offering it. I don't go up to someone, unless they stated they are doing free art, to ask about it. Because it is polite, it is considerate. It makes me tell myself 'Hey buddy. I think you've had enough.'


This spawned once more today when a young member on Dorg made a thread pretty much saying '*Name* Great Art Request*. I don't really want to say this to his face, because I worry for him and how he is going and nor will I say his name here. But seriously man, **** you. How dare you ask everyone for free art. I mean. Where is the consideration? His actual post was incredibly self centred, greedy and etc. It infuriated me to see him like this. I'd rather be worried for his wellbeing rather than be angry at him for making a selfish thread. To be fair he is only 14 and I have seen other 14 year olds or close around to that age doing the EXACT SAME THING on dorg years ago. Terrible trend it is.


Why am I worried for this boy's sake? I won't say too much but, he has a terrible family life. Stereotypical asian parents who have high expectations and when it is not meet they abuse him verbally or physically at times, I believe. I only met his Mum at an event when I was a leader on a camp and he was a camper. His Mum while didn't really intend to be intimidating, she was VERY intimidating looking. He just wants to feel loved, be accepted for how well he can do rather than what is expected of him. He is also hiding a secret of being 'gay' but obviously his parents won't like it. I try to not get to emotionally involved, because I don't know the whole story. I had a friend in RL who told me a lot of fibs about what was going on at home. His Mum said a lot of it were lies and said that he did this and that. I almost got thrown out of their house but she was gracious enough to let me stay. I wrote an apology before leaving when my Mum picked me up. She turned to me and said,

'I have never been so embarrassed about you in my life.' To which I turned to her immediately and said,

'ExCUSE me??? You're embarrass- excuse me who's friend just lied to me so many times, got me into a strife that I didn't want to get involved with and feel terrible? I never felt so backstabbed in my life and you are you are embarrassed? I'M EMBARRASSED.'


I don't want that to happen again. But I do my best to keep track of this kid. Regardless of how annoyed I am about his selfish post or not, I worry for his wellbeing because, his life could be so much better. His parents are terrible and awful people from what I hear.


Oh and here's a picture of a free art that was given to me with me asking. I like this picture so much I don't like asking for free art every again. Same goes for my current avatar. I love them. Therefore I don't want too many more.


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Haha that used to happen back when i was on gaiaonline years ago, i don't get why people want to be drawn that much. If you are that bothered then draw yourself or get someone you know irl to do it. I don't feel right asking people on the internet for favours but maybe that's a personal thing.


As for the guy you speak of I think it's great that you're looking out for him, he could definitely do with the support by the sounds of it. I hope everything works out for him somehow...

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I totally understand how others can make you frustrated at times, but believe me it's not worth getting upset over it.

There are plenty of members over on D.org that I could tell take a flying,... well you know.


Remember only the hatchlings know about what makes themselves happy. It's the older dragons who know, and take the time to make others happy. Be patient dragons live a long time.

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