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French times

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So I finally arrived in France today! As some of you know I'm taking part in the British Language Assistants scheme and I'll be working at a French school for 7 months with the aim to teach them a bit about the English language (God help them.) I don't start work until Monday but thought I'd write a blog about my first impressions etc .


The area where I am living seems very pretty and rural. It does however have a handy train station to the nearest big city which has everything possible. It is different to places that i'm used to where all the shops and facilities are together; whereas over here they seem to be very spread out. This could mean that clothes shopping will become my new form of exercise.


I have met all the language teachers in the school and most seem friendly although I doubt I shall remember many names. It was a bit awkward since they were expecting a boy to turn up due to a problem processing my application on their end so I had people asking who I was then giving me a sideways look but at least I know why now!


I am living on site with a girl from Bolivia who also seems lovely so far, despite a small matter of claiming the largest room for herself as well as all the storage space in the entire house. (The wardrobes and chests of drawers are in the corridor outside the rooms) The apartment is very spacious and good value for money at only 50 euros per month, however there are some drawbacks which I must resolve.


Firstly I've been unable to make the heating here work so far and the giant windows (you'll see when i put up pics) are single glazed so I'm rather worried about winter if it's cold now!! Secondly there's no Wifi so I'm sharing a connection wire with my flatmate which is in the living room. I'm guessing this will prove to be a problem if I want to use Skype. Since the apartment is on the college site there is also a ban on any unapproved websites which includes facebook and twitter. While I may not admit to being a social media addict I do like to keep in touch easily with my friends and family by sharing updates and photos especially when abroad.


I already feel homesick and I don't care if i'm a wimp haha. I think this will die down when i find a way to get onto facebook and get my phone working again so that i can talk to people!


That's all for now folks!

Bonne Nuit! xx

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