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I need someone with these skills. OH and having this that you don't have is also required



Every single fricken time I search for IT jobs I get that. Nothing and I mean nothing has been successful for me because I either don't have a car, cannot drive OR have experience. Well excuse me I would have some f***ing experience IF SOMEONE GAVE ME A CHANCE. Sheesh. Go stick your head up your arse and make yourself less flexible for when a job needs done. Jobs across the world doesn't expect EVERYTHING on the list and times are tough. You can break a finger nail by helping someone to be able to do their job!


Go stick your dick or precious flesh in a meat grinder. Finding out that I don't have a car or a drivers license when I stated so in my cover letter every single damn time you asked me to send more information. DON'T get my hopes up you prick.


Oh and Dominos, go **** yourself because I am only unsuccessful in getting a job with you because I am 19 and not some 14 year old prat. Just because you make your pizzas smaller than it should be doesn't mean you should short changing the public by not except someone desperate for a job because they are too old and *gasp* require a BIGGER WAGE OH MY GOOOOD.


Ok ok. I ranted about those things, now the explanation. I'm looking for work. But every single opportunity seems to be taken away because either of age, car or experience. I would have experience if someone gave me a chance. Times are tough for companies but you really aren't going to improve your stature in public if you won't accept jobs from those who are unemployed. Funny thing of all of this, none of these employers give a flying **** when they say 'Sorry you are unsuccessful in your application'. They have no heart, no sympathy. Just robotic systematic dull syndrome with a nice slice of I DON'T GIVE A DAMN. Because of this I have moments where I don't even try looking for work because I am so let down of myself because I am rejected for such petty things that could be just accepted and helped. My friend got a job which required him learning to drive a van very long distances repairing vending machines and the such. THAT employer was accepting of him and was nice enough to allow my friend to have that job, even if it made him having to *gasp* drive some time. He was also nice enough to write down the information required for my friend to tally his hours to get that P he now proudly owns. Gee wizz you so acclaimed proud companies who have been around for years. You think you could suck up and accept someone like that? No of course not, that would put you at someone's level and that is wrong. Good for you.


I am finding myself more depressed, angry and agitated as days go by. Which is why I go lazy and not do a damn thing because no one wants a guy who completed a IT 'diploma' who has 'no experience', who doesn't have a car and suffers from Chronic Fatigue. That would be too hard for the company to handle and might break a fingernail. For that very reason I applied myself for some volunteering work. Because EVERYONE wants a volunteer. Because it requires no money. You don't pay for someone to spend their time doing work.


I am being too harsh there though. I volunteered myself to a Human Services sort of thing. Helping disabled people with computers seems like fun. I dearly hope that will be considered experience with people. Otherwise I will backhand these so called 'proud', 'acclaimed' and well known companies (who btw I have NEVER heard of until looking for work on stupid seek.com) so hard I might consider changing industry because it would be a clear message that the IT industry are full of whiners (including myself), stuck up bastards and pedantic employers.