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My psychedelic experience (mature, long entry)

Hey all.


I have a lil confession to make.

I'll start at the beginning.

Like 4 months ago, i was in the middle of internship, and I was a 'happy' stoner, with a good future and a clear mind.

Then on a friday, don't remember the exact date, he asked me "are you ready for your first psychedelic adventure".

After having seen how innocent weed was (compared to how its portrait and to alcohol) I was very much curious how this would go: Truffels (very similar to mushrooms).

So, i agreed, being sooo nervous and somewhat frightened (not enough to scare me off though), and they came over, and we took the truffels, tasted good, like walnuts :3.

After taking them i felt... somewhat calm as well, "whats done is done" and its just a matter of time for kicking in and kicking out.

So me and my 2 friends went over to some other guys, then to the forest nearby, was very nice, and apart from being a bit exited and nervous, I felt rather normal after 1 hour.

After 1.5 hours or so, things slowly flowed in, things seemed... brighter, more interesting, and more dynamic.

Shortly after, we moved to a different spot near the lake inside the forest, and we decided to smoke a joint.

As soon as we were done, our minds were blown... like, i felt like i started to see the RGB colors in all the individual colors, much like when looking at an old TV from reeaaaly close.

Also, I have never laughed as much as that day and night, it was awesome that time, everything was funny, everything was cool, and we had some strange, and cool things happening.

all n all, great night with plenty of weed, got lost for a bit when trying to go back (was a dark forrest then so yeah...), but we found our way back.

That was the happy end... or so it seemed.


A few days after that night, i went home from my intern, and raced trough the rain on my bike, however, i have... how do you say that... well undeveloped bronchitis.

So as a response to that physical stress, my bronchi constricted like crazy, so i garbed my inhaler and did 2 doses in my frustration over work and the weather... usually do only 1.... baaad move.

So a bit later, friend came over, that also was with the truffling day, we smoked a... properly packed joint, feeling good, we went to my room, and... i just collapsed.

I was scared, on the verge of hyperventilating, and everything was... well... not spinning, but, transforming, like photoshop you know?

Laid down on my bed, friend trying to help to no avail, and... thats very strange, usually "going bad" on pod (which is actually not really a thing) solves itself with some sweet water (juice or something) and rest.

This time... nothing worked, i was screwed up and actually laid on my bed trying to keep myself calm, to sleep perhaps, for like 2 hours. Didn't feel that long though.

So my friend eventually had to go home and well... he was worried, my mom was told by him, and she wasn't worried, she knew about me and pod, she knew about me taking 2 doses.

She put me in front of the TV downstairs. Distraction. and said that in time I'd go away. She was right... about that incident.


The coming days I still was dealing with the aftershocks (of what i thought was the weed), visual transformation, paranoia, restlessness, headache, and as they call it (very applicably) De-realization.

Luckily, spring holidays was just a few days away, and i got off from work till then, i got better, and things seemed alright again...

After the holidays, it was back to school for Exams, i felt alright before then, and went in with good hopes... and a bit of paranoia...

The exams... were a complete hell, those "aftershocks" were most intense when reading or typing on a white screen... which is most common for text or code editors.

4 days... 4 days that I Literaly woke up, went there, did what i could, went back, ate, and went to bed at 8 PM, to wake up again at 7 AM, still dead tired.

Needless to say, i was broken at the end, but soooooooo happy that it was over.... except, internship went on on friday... s***...

There was some... miscommunication with my internship about both my spring holidays, AND the exams... so my boss was pissed off after i had to blow him off for the thursday.

He wrote a mail, and i didn't check my mail, so i went to work friday, normal (except for the spacy bullshit AGAIN >.<) though i remember my boss saying like "hmmp, didn't expect to see you...", and he referred to his mail he send me.

I partly on purpose decided i'd check in the weekend. and i forgot to do so... baaaaad move... (again).

I went to work on monday, and checked my mail, to find a... somewhat of a threat mail from my boss about my absence. I was furious... as stressed, and tired, and so, i felt like s*** that day.

Went to the doctor on tuesday, asked about this all, and she gave me pills that lowers my bloodpressure and should help me focus. It... helped only a bit.

The rest of the week, I was struggling to go on, and like a blessing from god, my boss would be absent next week. Thank god, as there was barely work, so i could just relax.. i thought.

Even when just playing games or stuff at work, I still felt like s*** with an unstable world, and a displeased stomach.

I at least made it far enough, to make all the hours i had to be there (of the entire internship) And to get my grade.

After that, i went to work on tuesday of the last week, and... i actually just bailed, why?, cause my boss was an asshole that did not listen or care that his intern was fucked up. (though i had done good so far)

I haven't returned since, and my internship was given... welll like a "B".

All was right... if i passed my exams, which i luckily did... barely.


like after a month of struggling during my summer holidays, I went to the doctor again and... she said my Aftershocks... we like those of people who took mushrooms in the past...

It were the truffels after all... thank god that i knew what it was, finally i knew the how and why of it. she said that these effects were not harmful, only potentially frighting. things went a lot better after that.

She wanted me to take a blood test, took it, needed to take another one.... ok?, so got the form and saw they tested me for hepatitis... ohhh s***....

Took the test, was apparently better than last time: Negative. Seemed my liver was in unusual distress at the first test.

I rested the rest of the holidays i had, and did like NOTHING at all.

Lamest vacation ever... but honestly it made a HUGE difference to me.


I'm now feeling a lot better, cant help but still be a teeny tiny bit paranoid sometimes (like now, typing this long story on a white screen).

But otherwise, i'm good, smoked a joint few days ago after all that time and it went good, meaning... perhaps things can go back to normal.

I'll definitely not smoke as much as i did though, And I'll never do any psychedelics ever again.

But... I have a hard time, regretting something that taught me so much, as the experience, is irreplaceable, even it may seem trivial.


Conclusion : don't try truffels or mushrooms, lest you're prepared for the potential horror during... or after the trip.


I'm gonna go watch some furry and go to bed, thanks for anyone that read this. needed to get this off my chest.


Night all.


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I think a better moral would be to not take any drugs but that's your decision. I will keep myself in mind to not try truffels or mushrooms though.


Glad you are alright, just don't screw yourself up anymore.

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Yeah, glad you're okay man. I've...had some bad moments with weed. Once I took an accidental bong rip (first time) and I collapsed face first onto the ground, unable to breathe from coughing all the air out of my lungs. The worse part is, I was wearing glasses, so it tore up the bridge of my nose and I had to go to school with my nose, forehead, and mouth scabbed up.

Happy I didn't break my glasses or die of suffocation though. So, yeah, drugs are bad, mmkay? :P

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XD a bong hit like that on your first time is a textbook suicide.



you need to ease into it, it's not for nothing called "roling a dutchy".

i had to smoke 3 times before i felt anything at all, and since then things have been awesome with me 'n weed.


And drad. well, i consider weed as bad as alcohol, which by statistics, is inaccurate, as it would state that weed is safer.

And honestly, i doubt I'd ever really drink, bloody hate alcohol really.


My view; I'm 20, I'm a student, and I've never drank more than 2 beers at any day. Where from my understanding, every 'normal' guy had drank himself to vomiting at leasts 5 times. I can have a little fun now. It's not like i'd get this f-ed up from weed.


Also, i can now in every gruesome detail explain, why no one should take psychedelics. Experience is still the best teacher there is.

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I know it requires you to ease into it. Those were early experiences for me. And I've never been "shitfaced" on alcohol before. I've...grown up with a "stepdad" who was a heavy alcoholic. Came home drunk out of his mind every night...

I enjoy beer, but I rarely drink it.

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glad your okey, glad it didnt f*** up your school and stuff.

i must say i tried truffels too but i never felt a thing from it and we took alot that night ^^

just be careful with drugs

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glad your okey, glad it didnt f*** up your school and stuff.

i must say i tried truffels too but i never felt a thing from it and we took alot that night ^^

just be careful with drugs


haha, well, been off of em for the last 14 months or so.

But trouble because of this insident has haunted me for a long time, endagering passing my first semester within a year.

I've finally recovered now, and as I already posted, I passed my first semester; things are looking up for me.


And I've godda say, you've missed out... then again, from the things I used to hear from you at times, I would deem it unnesesary in your situation.

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