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Go Go Pande-ranger!

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Hallo! I do believe this is my first post of the new year. Even though it is the Februarys.


Guess what England did today?


GOT SNOWED ON!!!!eleven1!!!


It snowed yesterday as well, so I've had two extra days off of school. FOUR DAY WEEKEND, WOOT!


Anyways, I like to look at snow. Touch it? Not so much. Cold, wet and slippy. Not a good combo for cold-hating-clumsy-balance-challenged Pan. But there ya go.


Do you remember those story summaries I blogged? And the test-run excerpt for Away With The Fae? Well, I've got 7000 words on AWTF now. Wth. I blame Write Or Die Okay, so I wrote a thousand or so words of my own accord as well, but still. DAMN YOU WRITING TOOL TYPE THINGS!!!


I want november again, I really want to do another NaNo. It was so much fun. Stressful, wrist-injuring, eye-straining and brain melting, but fun all the same. I've never unleashed that amount of raw creativity on Microsoft Word before. It was insane.


But, I'm still editing Mirror Mirror. I love the characters so much. I'm reading through and making notes first. Then I'm passing it over to my proof readers (AKA Megan and Simon) for testing. Then I'll probably read through it again with a red pen and write on the manuscript. Or something.


I have outline part of the plot properly now, which is good. And now there are pirates in chapter eight. There weren't any pirates in it before, let alone in chapter eight. But now there are pirates. And they are in chapter eight. So ya...there ya go. There is a new character, but I can't be bothered to keep him long, so I think I will have him killed by the pirates. What say you? New charrie killed by pirates, yay or nay?





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