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Why Hello There!

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Lost Kitten


So........... This is weird. Hahaha. I was looking around ED and saw this neat little blogger thinger! And I was like "Hmm, i wonder if anyone got one yet!?" And to my suprise, very few had (unless I am really THAT blind). I dont really know what to say at this point... Nothing much TOO say. LOL.

SO! Random writings! Yayyyy!!!

I watched my first birthday video yesterday. Can you say cute?!?! I was adorable! Although, I swear, I had no emtions back then. hehehe! I smiled like...twice through out the whole thing. But I was soo cute (gosh, what happened?!? hahahajk). My step mom had a ball with it. she was laughing and all that. And then i saw my older brother and cousin BEAT EACHOTHER UP!! It was crazy!!!




Sense this blog does have to do with ED, I shall say something about it!!!! ED is fun, the people are cool.



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