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Dark Lady's stay part one

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Thought I'd better start a blog on the whole affair. XD

I was supposed to start this last week but I kept putting it off.


Ffranses arrived last Saturday (and got very lost at our train station.)

Sunday nothing really happened since we were both up talking until the early hours of the morning and so we slept in late and I finished my homework for the rest of the day.

On Monday, Ffranses went to my school for the first time and I arranged for her to take biology lessons during her stay. I planned for her to stay in the art department a lot (since she takes double art) but this was not to be. Apparently she would only "distract Hannah and put her off doing any work" and the art department is "low on funds" and so her sitting in the corner doing her work would be entirely inappropriate. The head of art also told me that I was encouraging sixth formers to bring their friends into the art department and make it a place for socialising. Therefore she suggested that Ffranses should do her work in the common room.


We shall how the rest of the week progresses. :)



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