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Dark Lady's stay part two.

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Ffranses has been enjoying my school very much, as she is going to serenity's biology lessons. Unfortunatly she has been living in the libary for four out of five periods and getting evil glares from the librarians. XD


On Tuesday we travelled down to London with my Grandparents. First we visited my Great aunt in law and her daughter in law before going on to our Miyavi concert whilst we left my Grandparents at the mercy of her cooking.

We queued in the Miyavi line for 2 hours, but despite this we managed to lose our place because we were seperated into two lines, one for people with bags (which needed to be checked incase we were music pirating) and one for people without.


After I got seperated from Ffranses, they searched all through my bag and said i could go. Feeling like a terrorist I then made my way to the box office, but was denied an audience with the woman (who had my ticket because it was too hard for them to send it in the post like everyone else's) because I'd been in the wrong line. I tried to tell them that I'd had a bag but it wasn't a good enough excuse apparently. After queueing for a second time, and getting my ticket from a woman of about twelve, I was told that I couldn't go into the concert because I was in the wrong queue to put my bag in the cloakroom. So I queued a third time, and was charged two pounds to trust some stranger with my bag which was compulsary. I then told the security guard that she was a "right piece of work" and met Ffranses. :)


Fortunatly we were stood next to a really nice tall girl who let me stand in front of her so that I had a good view (as even with my heels on i must have been one of the smallest there.) Apart from a few churlish outcries from some miserable people in front (who even wears a fleecy coat inside a concert?!?) the experience was extremly enjoyable and Miyavi was brilliant!!!

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