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The ED Meet Part One.

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Today Ffranses and I went to the trainstation for a very short pre-meet.

Unfortunatly my aunt had booked my hair appointment at 3:45 so we couldn't stay as long as we'd have liked but it was fun nevertheless. We met Ing, loc_zsu, Tressen, Shadow Dragon and Temeraire in the Upper Crust cafe which had lift style music to mark the occasion. Ffranses and I were feeling a bit under the weather (Ffranses having had two nosebleeds beforehand) and we've both had colds all week, but we had a fun little chat with Ing to cheer us up.

We were also sat next to the door from the cafe onto the platform which was signed "NO ENTRY" but hadn't been on the other side, so everyone getting off a train wanting a bite to eat kept pulling at the door to no avail and looking bewildered. Which was also entertaining. XD

We didn't discuss very much as the two men and shadow seemed to be a bit hyper for some reason. Hopefully I'll get a chance to meet the people behind the usernames tomorrow when they've calmed down a bit.

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