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ED Meet Part Two

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So yesterday was the J-Culture Con!


I arrived with Ffranses and my friend Rob at 9.30 and we went to get a Starbucks expresso before the doors opened.

I was shocked to see the huge increase in fans from last year, there must have been double at least.

Whilst we posed for photos with every anime/ manga character imaginable we got word from loc that they would be slightly late. They arrived about half an hour into it, but made it in time for the welcome. Both loc_zsu and Shadow Dragon made the effort to cosplay and you could tell the level of work gone in to their designs. loc_zsu went as Jamie Maddox and Shadow Dragon of course went as Xoshia.


After initial greetings were exchanged, I managed to get hold of Serenity who was just arriving. After everyone had been introduced we went off in search of Tears of Blood leaving Dark Lady to enter her cosplay contest (she was by this time somewhat of a celebrity as she'd decided to go as Pikachu.)


We met Tears and her boyfriend for a quick hello and they left before Proximax arrived. The group then had a chat inside the assembly rooms and posed for a few photos in the window seat. Since Prox was rather hungry from his long journey, we went to Westfield to get him some food. We got some rather bizarre looks, me being dressed as Yuki Cross from Vampire knight and Temmy wearing the most beautiful Japanese dress ever.


After returning to the convention I didn't see much of the group again, apart from Temmy who went around all the stalls with us and we had a long chat to her on the stairs.


The rest of the group were sat at a round table whilst Emily was teaching Ffranses and I a rather odd anime dance, and I assumed they'd gone to see the bands like everyone else but it turned out that they'd left.


Ffranses and I stayed until about 6pm by which time we were half asleep already. XD

I think that overall the con was a huge success, I think that it was s shame for the group to leave so soon as Temmy wanted to see the bands, but I'll get to see them again today of course. :)




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