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ED Meet Part Three

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Today was the final day of the ED meet, and it was certainly be the most memorable.

Ffranses and I had planned to have a dinner with everyone, but since we were charged double on the bus by some nasty lady, and she charged Ffranses adult fare, we were down to two pounds each spending money. XD


After we had walked to the station to meet the rest of the group, we eagerly anticipated the arrival of Daichenzian. Most of us were surprised when he actually turned up and followed us back to town, but he soon decided to walk ten paces ahead (although not knowing the way) and distance himself from us completly. The girls and I wanted to make an effort to speak to him and make him feel included but he was rather an intimidating character. Ing tried later on, but to no avail.


Ing, Tressen, Shadow and loc all went on the big wheel in the centre of Derby whilst we waited for them outside the Quad building.


Next we all decided on a shopping trip, and started of at Waterstones where Ffranses searched for language books, Ing for Sci-fi and loc for manga. Next we went to HMV and looked all around for sountracks and eventually found them. Then lastly before going into the Westfield centre we visited the Disney Store. Which of course, loc, Shadow, Dai and Tressen refused to enter for the fear of being seen entering it in public and tarnishing their images.


Upon entering the Westfield centre, we planned to go to Lush (where Ing, Temmy and Dark Lady got stolen and flattered by a rather good sales woman) and a few other shops. We sat on the comfy chairs and ate dinner whilst loc and Shadow shopped in WHSmith and Daichenzian wound his pocket watch.


As the centre started to shut down for the day, Temmy Ffranses and I decided to mark the occasion by skipping towards the exit and got some rather odd looks from fellow shoppers.


Finally the group dropped Ffranses and I off at our bus stop and waited with us until it came. We had a lot of group and themed photos whilst sitting and chatting on the wall. Somehow Tressen managed to start walking, do a spin in the air and faceplant the ground. Unfortunatly noone caught it on camera, otherwise we could have recieved £250 from 'You've Been Framed' 8D


Before we got on the bus I went round and hugged everyone individually which creeped a few people out I think...


The bus was just about to pull away when we saw Ing pulling her hood over her face like a ninja and doing a pose for the camera. XD


I think that the meet was a huge success and was extremely enjoyable. I hope that there will be more in the future.

Currently Ffranses and I are trying to persuade Temmy to come to Midlands expo in February, lets hope that it goes ahead.


Everyone is travelling home this afternoon so will be back online shortly.

Just pictures to come now!!!

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PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES, you are making me sooo hyped up for pictures now!


sounds like a LOT of fun, i'm kind of suprised daich came, and how he acted too.. :?:

i'll just wait for the aftertalk topic i guess XD

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Oooh yes, we need an after meet topic to discuss everything that went on because there was just so much!


I want to see the pictures too! :)

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Wow! Sounds like you all had fun. Would have been nice to go and meet all of you but couldn't afford it.

Did you actually call each other their online names? :D

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Wow! Sounds like you all had fun. Would have been nice to go and meet all of you but couldn't afford it.

Did you actually call each other their online names? :D


No Ramoth, actually we did call each other by our real names, but I didn't want anyone to get confused when reading my blog. XD

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