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Dark Lady's departure.

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Yesterday my grandparents and I took Ffranses round Kedleston Hall which is only two miles from us, and is where the film The Duchess was made. We got the chance to listen to a talk from a woman acting as the Hall's housekeeper and see some of keira Knightley's dresses from the film. I really enjoyed the day out and I think that she did as well.


Today was the day that Ffranses returned to Wales. She has been here for 16 days, and I think that we got along really well for saying I'd only met her in town for an hour or two beforehand. I don't think that it has sunk in yet that she's gone, and it still feels as though if I go into my room she'll be there making things out of cardboard and felt X3


Unfortunatly I didn't get to see her off as she left at 10am and I had a full day at sixth form. She was still in bed when I left but I think she understood what I said to her at the time. XD She managed to forget her coat as well, so I hope that she isn't getting too wet because it is raining quite heavy here.


Hopefully I shall see her, Temmy and maybe some more ED folk at The Midlands Expo in February. :)



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