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Laser Quest. :)

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My friend had booked 5 places at the sports centre for today to play Laser Quest. (Apparently it is called "laser gaming" in the Netherlands.) Two of our friends cancelled, which meant me bribing someone which I had met at the convention to come along as well. We got assigned rather interesting names, mine being 'Macro' and later 'Vortex.'


We were the Red Team, and chose the start of the maze as our base. One member of our team 'Element' lit up under the UV lights due to his white shirt and so was ambushed quite a lot. My other friend 'Napalm' was reluctant to move much since she'd chosen to come along in designer clothes. Therefore she stayed by a window spot and (somehow) managed to come first in our team scores. The person who I'd bribed into coming along 'Falcon,' took the whole event rather seriously and seemed to think that he was a ninja. His strategy seemed to be rolling around the floor and squatting a lot.


The Blue Team only had two members but seemed to be very experienced. Apparently "the bob girl" had a vendetta against Napalm and kept following her. Amongst the other players there were also two young boys of about ten and their father who made up the Green team. The two young boys believed that they were on a kamakaze mission and would come running and screaming into our base and then would leave as soon as they had been deactivated to "regroup."


We had a twenty minute break after our two sessions during which two of the teams left. We then had one final game, just us versus the greens.


After our final game, we headed into town to get something to eat. Unfortunatly I had to leave early to attend a Labour Branch Meeting, which after getting lost rather a lot I managed to find. :)

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