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The fair.

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This week I have been on half term from my sixth form. Our annual fair came on Thursday and I have been down every night with different people. It has rides for people of all ages ranging from Hook- a- duck to rides which you would find at theme parks.


The first time I went with my aunt and uncle who were reluctant to go on anything as they were 'too old' and my aunt claims to have vertigo ever since she forced me to go on Tropical Fever (a ride which spins you in endless loops) the previous year.) However my uncle did manage to win a deformed bear on a darts game and my aunt came on the dodgems with me in the end.


The dodgems this year were rather unpredictable and would start reversing if you moved the steering wheel overly, meaning my aunt drove backwards into a guy with a rather odd knitted bobble hat. After this, Hat Man and his friend with a stripey leather jacket ganged up and kept ramming us into the corners on every turn and we kept bashing them back. When my aunt finally allowed me a go at driving I bashed Hat Man's car at the back and caused his hat to bounce of his head, much to his horror. As he was fussing with it and trying to regain his manly pride, he ended up crashing into a safety man who was standing on the barrier at the side. At the end of the ride, we were shocked to find out that Hat Man and Jacket Man were actually worked on the dodgems as safety men and had been on a break.


Fortunatly when I returned to the fair with Tears and Serenity, we did not see either of the "safety" men, but allowing Serenity to drive the dodgem was very bad judgment on my part. The sign on the wall clearly reads "this way" and there is a rather large arrow indicating the correct way to drive. So Serenity drove the other way. We crashed into a rather large ginger man who took an instant disliking to us. After realising her mistake, she accidentally caused the dodgem to reverse and cause a pile up which we drove out of leaving the ginger man trapped and shaking a fist at us.


The worst part of the fair was definatly the glass maze. As I'm not a fan of fast rides, the other two suggested we went on it instead. Due to the fair being close to halloween, they had given it a "spooky" feel. Unfortunatly I did not know that this would include them placing false tarantulas inside the glass walls (and I have total arachnophobia.) Thanks to this, Serenity had to lead me by the hand around the place like a blind woman whilst I looked at the floor and shook a lot.


The other rides were less dramatic but still lots of fun. We also went on cyclone where it spins three of you around and you all squash the tallest person on the end. The tallest person in our car was Serenity who kept yelling at us not to squash her, but to no avail. She then said it was all my fault which made me laugh and lose grip of the bar causing me to squash her even more as I couldn't regsin my composure.


I took loads of food back home from the fair including chocolate apples to muliticoloured candifloss for everyone. I can't wait until it comes again. :)


Here are some bad quality pictures which I took on my phone.

The first is of Alpine Express.




This is hook a duck.




This is another kids ride. :)




I did try to get pictures of speed etc, but they came out even worse due to all the lights on them. :/

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Another with the phobia! They found it hilarious. :/

The woman who was running the maze couldn't work out why i looked so pale and was shaking when i came out, her face was a picture. XD

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Great time though! we have to do it again next year!! and it felt like my rib was cracking when you sqwished me on the cyclone! and the speed ride was terrible! it chucked you upside down at the top whilst tears giggled thinking it was amazing.


And the dodgems WEREN'T my fault!

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