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As you may be aware, Britain has been the subject of rather severe weather conditions recently. Fortunately I do not live in Cumbria, although our school has been rather badly affected.


It was a normal afternoon and noone knew the extent at which the weather would worsen that day. It rained on and off throughout the school day causing the courtyards connecting the different blocks and the whole humanities department to flood.


Serenity and I kept away from the weather by staking out in V1 where we had a good view of the main courtyard connecting maths, science and social sciences to the rest of the school. It was interesting to watch different peoples reactions to the weather from our window.


The year nine girls like to dress as though they are going night- clubbing in very skimpy outfits, with fake ugg boots and really over the top makeup. They came running through the court yard in tears, with collapsed sodden boots, bad hair, and panda eyes. The year nine boys like to gel their hair excessively and the concenquence was that they all had white dripping hair. They did enjoy showing off to the girls and to each other by running through the shin deep water and showing that they weren't afraid...


Since the reprographics staff were preoccupied by the year 7s having a frenzy over the floods, I was sent to "obtain" some paper in their absense for the photocopier in social sciences. Upon my return it was interesting to note that a few minor fights had broken out amongst the lower years and involved our school gang "The BY10," or now locally known as the "DE56 boys" as they have entered year 11.


One year 8 girl, dressed in a flowery cardigan and really fashionable white leggings with pumps came running through the court yard following her friend. Then stopped, looked down, realised that she was in a great puddle and shrieked. Her friend was rather unsympathetic to her plight and was reluctant to enter the water and drag her out.


A town close to us unfortunately had a "minor tornado" which knocked down a garage and a few fences.

A passer by noted "the dustbins were flown around like cotton wool."


So far the weather here isn't critical, although the weather forecasters would have us believe that it is, in fact, a national crisis.

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well, here in the netherlands the weather is quite bad, but nothing like over there in England.. thanks for taking the hits! :P


as for those dressed up ladies, yes we have that quite a lot too, no, i don't like it either, it's school damnit, not some night party with gimpy boys all around XD must've been fun watching them plumb through the rain! :D

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