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Bored Bored Bored

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Just to get something off my chest


Boredom.. if it could kill, i'd lay dead on the floor by now. recent few days, i've been dieing to have something to do that i wanted to do.. there's plenty of things to do..ED, AD, my own site, my server.. But, the hypocrite i am, it doesn't interest me on those moments. Had a week of nothingness after Internship ended, and i failed at doing anything productive.. lurking ED, lurking several IRC networks...watching msn waiting for peeps to come online. The only thing that offered distraction for some time was the server i'm fiddling with, but that couldn't offer limitless entertainment either.


And communities..well basically, ED is the only community i am actively involved in, i do want to get on other places, but either the place is not appealing, or my shyness kills me and i go lurking mode.

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I know that feeling. :/


I'll come and bug you on msn when I get my pc fixed. :)

I'm usually appearing offline and just checking who is on lol.

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