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Lost Kitten


Blogs? PHA! Who does blogs anymore? Vlogs are where it's at!


Anyway, nothing new much here. koroness for almost 10 months....weird. Work is pretty much...umm.... cool I guess.


Been playing Zelda: Twilight Princess.... sweeeeeeeet game!!! My sister isnt allowed to play since she got introuble at school, so I cant play. And my moms hunsband is....well....since I cant curse on here, lets just say he is a monster.


But really.... all I have to say is... SNOW! GAHHH! I hate snow with an undying passion. fsigvbayinghdfbgdfghagaetg (<--angry gibberish). And were suppose to get 2 to 4 feet of snow tomorrow! WTF!!??!! GAHHH!!! Like... I wouldn't mind a dusting... but nooooooooo, feeeeet! So agrrivating...




Only one thing makes it better:



And here makes it better of course lol.

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How can anyone hate snow? :O

I've seen about America's snow outbreak on the news!!!

I love snow haha

You should go sledging! <3


Also~ where do you work?

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