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I hate snow, it's cold, delays public transport, makes me slip and fall, makes driving awkward, and the little kids will throw snowballs whenever possible X|

It's been snowing and melting here for maybe already 2 months now, lost all sense of trust in public transport, and i feel like catching a cold every day, but don't actually catch a cold (i haven't been sick in what..10 years or so). Every time it seems the snowing is finally over, it starts again with all its force the next day.. i want sun! i want warmth! a tropical heat would be a welcome change of weather!

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Haha I know that feeling!

I love the snow <3



snowball fights

etc etc :)


I think it has gone on for long enough now though, the first few weeks was great since we haven't had deep snow in foreverrrr and the white Christmas was nice too. Two months though, is far to long for these type of conditions and everyone is rather fed up now. TROPICAL SUMMER NEXT PLEASE! XP

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