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Time for an update!



So I haven't been blogging recently. This is mainly because I'm so busy with coursework and campaining. >< However all my hard work campaigning may be about to pay off...


I have been working for the Labour Party for nearly a year now and I have been actively involved in telephone canvassing, leafleting, debates, fund-raising etc. Last week I attended a mock "Question Time" at a local college starring the three parliamentary candidates for our constituency. I believe that it went quite well, and we had a chance to chat to students afterwards and ask them about their thoughts and concerns about the area.


The party agent has given me the opportunity to stand as a councillor for a constituency near by. My job now is to find a link to the area (as I live just outside the constituency boundary, so I am searching for a job there.)


Unfortunately as I am going on holiday to Kent on Monday (which I'm not really looking forward to anyway) I am going to miss the meeting in the area where I will stand. So I am rather upset about that, and I hope that it doesn't reflect too badly....


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I'll probably vote for the Liberal Democrats or someone else, the election strategy of both Labour and the Conservatives seems to be mud slinging at each other and saying how the other guys will get it wrong, completely missing the point that they should actually be saying how they intend to get it right.

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Don't get me started on the Liberal Democrats in our area. They print false literature saying that the labour councillors are standing down, as well as pretending to be labour party members themselves and saying bad things about us 'by accident.' If I were to vote for another party, it would probably be the Green Party. I disagree with the Conservative ideology altogether, but at least their tactics are clean.

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I would have thought that behaviour like that would be against the rules, pretending to be a member of another party.

When I was at school, they once did a pretend election, and the Greens came first ahead of the three current big parties. An interesting insight into the possible future makeup of parliament.

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I did to begin with, they get away with making up figures as well. I don't know if it's a national thing or just regional. At the last general election we were asked in a survey and the liberals came top followed by the greens. I wonder if that will change as people learn more about politics as they grow up though. Minor party supporters tend not to vote because they become disillusioned when their party does badly unfortunately.

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