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I Can Feel You All Around Me.

Lost Kitten


(Yes, this will indeed be a boring little blog about Koro and mine's 1-year-anniversary. <3)


One year... WOW! Ya know, it's kinda one of those surreal moments where you want to scream it from the roof tops and yet deny it all at the same time. If that makes sense... lol. Part of me feels like Koro and I have been together longer, but then it seems like just yesterday we started dating. So much has changed in my life and our relationship has just flown it's path. We fight, we argue, but we love so much more. And I am so thankful for everyone on here for kinda sorta pushing us together. In the beginning, before even that, I remember when he was gone for like... 3 months or something and randomly came back and I thought to myself "Wow, I really missed this boy." and then, of course, everyone was telling him and me to date and I (the dumb butt I was) said no and that he was like a little brother. Then slowly it broke down and it became more. I still denied it and some people even told me not to date him and it prolonged things. Then, finally it got to the point where we stopped playing the "I know I like you, and you know you like me, but were never going to admit it" game (thanks to my sister.......) but it was still no dating because he didn't really believe in online relationships at the time.

Then pushy me arrived :P and I pushed him a little more each day lol. Then the day arrived one year ago and he finally asked to be my boyfriend and ya know what I said? Well... besides the obvious "YES!!!" I told him: "are you sure you wanna do this? You'll be stuck with me forever because I'm not letting you go." and he said "I'd planned on it". Lol. He probably called me a sketch afterward but I don't really remember.


The point is, I never honestly thought I could be in a relationship for a whole year and longer. I view myself sometimes in a... not so awesome light and because of that I find it hard to believe someone would willingly be with me so long, lmao. But Koro wanting and willingly is with me (he even lets me ramble on and on about gay smut books I read and laughs at me). Every day I feel loved. Every day I feel beautiful. Every day I feel that there is something extra to live for. Every day I feel accepted for who I truly am. Every day I learn to love more and more. And for that I am extremely blessed every single day of my life.


I love you all for everything you've done for us. You all are amazing. <3


I love you Koro. <3


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