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No light in the tunnel

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Some time without people who think what should not be is doing me good. No know-alls in the rather extremist belief of mine (I admit) so I know now that only myself is the one who shall live and die with it. I am particularly angry with those who see life as a game or something like that. People have made me as I am today, they've taken me from my sanity to continue to exist as a thing. I hate them, and every day it comes out more and more for what they've done to me. Life is a gruesome spectacle.


The lifeless makes life by accident, why should we admit to our lifeless masters to continue this life. Therefore god is merciless, it does not know anything, it's just a powerfull thing who not get appreciated for what they've done, creating life. Well I am too just a thing that is natural and unimportant in the existence of others. I'm talking about the natural elements, the four kings of life. The laws of our existence is the fault of those elements, not the people, because actually there are no laws. Sad how people and animals linked to the natural good and bad and evolution.


According to legends, the dragon is a master at influencing the elements, or at least one of them. I want that too, but even though I am apart from nature, I always have to look at the ugly human faces and their annoying habits until i die, I will never be free, nobody will. but whoever doesn't make this question will not suffer like I do, they just live and die. That must be like 98%.

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Yeah, You just continue to laugh about it. All people are one and all animals and plants are too. But they just don't (want to) know.

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Hate tends to blind people, I've seen it too many times and I'm guilty of it myself<i>. </i>In the end, I'm only human<i>, trying to escape my humanity.<br><br><br></i><br>


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