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Where is the end of hell

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You can't change how you were born or how the people have made you to the person you are today. But hatred is the only thing I can really accept after everything. I feel that this test, in conflict with wisdom is the struggle that I currently get. I regret that many people don't understand me in this because it would help many people in their faith, I am sure. If I could say my sentences that I have in mind, I'm sure that every stupid dragon loving human would prohibit me not to response again. These are the black pieces in my life, the things that gnaw at my mind when I see people react to their draconity, it kills me inside. Therefore is that I dress myself in black, every day, to make me remember what I feel and what I am, The black dragon in a wrong body. Then people can see how black I am in my mind, but never been able to express. The dragon means more to me than what the world is, and I would like to explain that to the world. How can I reassure them by saying what I have in mind? Impossible i'd say. How can I have confidence in humankind, after all what I see, know, for what they don't get, for what I don't get of them?


I sound very imaginative and caught in an epic story, but make no mistake in this message. I tried to clarifying the other site how dirty my reality is, even with dragons with questions that are very difficult to answer and the members of any foolish site about dragons may not react differently. The dragon has wisdom, in that they are right, but they never dare using it ... if they have any wisdom anyway for wisdom will wake up with hatred, I have been living with it for years and it still grows. My love for the one dragon came before I even knew what a dragon was, more than 20 years back. After thinking for so long you can't hardly accept that people are giving a very narrow-minded response to this issue. This beliefs are new, like a new age faith, I discovered it a few years ago. First I was glad I was not alone with these thoughts, until I saw how they react, like it was a game, like some children where playing a game with each other, Sharing Fantasies and things like that. I continued to visit sites in hope to know people who use the word 'dragon' less, but i never really found them. A man, as I am is happy with some companionship, that is a mammal for ya. For that reason, I began to learn English. Because that is the international language where you can reach them most. But as a dragon I say no to you all and die without me knowing it like everything else with your strange happy dragon family.


But all this does not mean that I should change my mind, hatred in my body and it makes me strong. This is not the hate where you can step over dead bodies, not in this life anyway, but a feeling where you can think about a lot, and so gain your wisdom.

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