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Again serious business in psychology

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I often ask myself whether I was losing my mind or dragged into the human desire for beauty. It's what you could call a 'new age religion' that's been haunted me for years. At first I refused the feelings I had for this creature and I ignored them because it is not possible in this society, and not because it seems childish. I did not believe in the spiritual or God or Satan and I still don't. I believe that we are made out of the four elements, lifeless made life and that the dragon is the first evolved being with wisdom with his fish- like appearance. only slightly less perfect than they are represented. four limbs, no fire or other weird things, but perfect to live in this life. So much that I can feel them.

call me crazy, that's why keep this for myself. I think its such a natural force left that is unique with living beings. Higher beings are not human, it's so stupid to think that the last evolved creature like us should deserve a human like god. It is hard to wear in this society because it also affects relationships with people. This I can not bind to human beings like it should. The creatures made of flesh and blood fighting to stay alive and still die deserve more respect than gods.



For 6 years i've been trying to find a group for this matter. People who worship dragons like they are a higher power. This is a difficult situation for someone who individually choose this belief because dragons remain a myth, for stories, games or movies. For many, dragons are just a toy and an escape from everyday life but not for dragon worshipers like myself. For me, the dragon has so much more. Call it a spirit guide, unbound to whatever. If I could pray for him I would do that, but alas. I don't know people like myself in this case but it would be so great if I could do this with others who understand. This is a religion and I am sure there are so many people with this same idea, but afraid to say this to anyone. The only religions who are accepted in social life are based on the superiority of humanity like christians or muslims. This belief has no name, it will only be seen as a lavish fantasy for people who love to roll play. But bowing to a beautiful picture of a dragon, no dragons figurines to collect and talk to the one statue. That is what Christians do but in this case not against a man or something that likes people in his surroundings. Approach as inferior, that's what counts.

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