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Brief Update/Notice

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Addis Hellfire


Haven't written much in here, mainly because I've been having an off and on Livejournal account and occasionally writing on FurAffinity. Yeah, I'm on there too, though not the forum. I plan on writing some stuff for all you b*****ds to see, but this time around it's an update . notice . thing.


As of yesterday we received a notice from our landlords (we/our being my family and I). They want all the money they're owed (over 3K) and they want it now. So, we're expecting an eviction notice sometime soon. I can't find a job in this economy so we're pretty much boned. No idea what is going to happen there but suffice it to say it might impact my time here. If it does then I apologize sincerely, and I'll return when I can. For now I'm here, going to try and enjoy myself and spread the Derpiness as much as I can. I'll keep everybody updated on that one. Feel free to add me on an instant messenger, my contact info is listed on my profile.



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