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No more Questions

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It has now been several months since I got separated from other people that affect my faith. It has done me some good, I feel strong and psychologically correct. I can lay quietly in my bed without people in my head who think they know things better. When I go into the forest and be secluded of all human silhouettes, only than I'm close to my faith. I came to a conclusion that people all over the world cling to the timeline that exists, and the current time is very inappropriate for me to persevere. In fact, it would always be very inappropriate because although the past was less stressful, it is now a life of appropriate measures and a trapped feeling. Imprisoned but free life goes on into a realm that I can't understand. Should I be thinking about this? Am I worthy enough to know what happened outside this realm?


I might go too far with questioning these insoluble questions. Maybe it's just the intention to live without thinking like most people do. I finally die with these questions, unresolved. My dream is that all people and animals to stop reproducing so that the earth goes into decline with the existing response what the four elements have caused so many years ago. No children, no more religions because nature is now misfits, a negative effect on life on earth. I see elements of nature as the most powerful on earth, after which all the elements come together and created life. In fact, I must worship the lifeless but in the end to my existence, I have never asked for a second time. The first time was hard and had enough of it. Dying was like sleeping and before I know it I was conceived again, against my will and before I could sleep again, before I finally got rid of this body I must face death again, something extremely frightening and not a nice prospect during life. I would like to ask 'why?' but this is not a god, this is not a human supernatural power, it's nature itself, powerfull lifeless objects.


I'm attracted to the earth element, I really don't care for the other elements. I also discovered that I'm also attracted to Hallow's eve, a belief that this element was seen as a dragon from another realm. I don't know if this brought me back, because it knew that I still remember and deserve a second chance after so many darn years and he knew that I really am bound to earth element? Can I believe in another realm, just as the Celts did? Why my pure body was replaced with something that I never wanted to have and negatively changed my mind? Hating them is no longer an issue with me, watch them how they act makes me laugh and their ideals seem so ludicrous. I get more and more at peace with this idea, waiting until this time I will get the rest I deserve and having back my original bones that no one can find.


I never needed anyone, I just need my own mind and remain standing in this unlikely tale of reincarnation by natural effects.

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