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12/21/2012 a bit of the facts...

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Ok.. so I have to step up on this one and forgive me if this post seems a bit long.


So, 12/21/2012 is the alignment of the galactic center, Sun, Jupiter, Earth and the Pleiades (For those of you who don't know the Pleiades, it's a star cluster that rides on the back of Taurus the Bull, which is currently up this time of year). The Mayans called it "El Fin de Los Tiempos" meaning "The End of All Time" or "The End of the Times".


For the Mayans, the Galactic Center of the Milky Way was the Creator to them. So on 12/21/12, the Creator would join them once more on the Earth. It is also the day that ends 13 baktuns, which is part of their cyclic calendar. Back in those days they had to chisel the calendars into rocks and after that particular date, they could start reusing their calendars all over again.


BUT! Going back to the Astronomical sense of Dec. 21, 2012; Before this date (such as now) our solar system is above the plane of the Milky Way. After Dec. 21, 2012 we will be Below the plane of the Milky way. Also, the barycenters (basically each of the center of masses for the individual planets) will be grinding on each other due to the immense amount of gravity that the Sun will be experiencing. The Galactic Alignment will be the plane of the Milky Way lining up directly with the Sun and the plane of our solar system. Say you are spinning in a circle holding your friend's hand then another friend is holding onto your waist as you spin. Each time these different friends pull on you, you tilt right? Well, now put it into the perspective of the Sun. Each of your friends are the planets, galaxies and Galactic center and each of these pull on the Sun. So now you have the tilting effect. When one of these barycenters, breaks through the surface you get sunspots and mass ejections. Basically HUGE deadly fireworks on the Sun. Pretty, but deadly.


Now, sure, if you look online at astrophysicists and others, they'll say there's nothing to worry about and that it's being watched. These are things to make you stay calm. Not long ago there was a news report about "Dark Fireworks on the Sun" that Astrophysicists (people who have studies the stars and space for hundreds of years) were baffled about. How many governments will actually admit there's a problem?


Anyway, if we peruse the Christian religion (according to my parents, so go check the Bible in Revelations for a more direct quote), they say that God said no one will no when the end is coming. So my parents think that as long as I'm sure it'll be the end of the world, it won't be.


So, in conclusion, "El Fin de Los Tiempos" could be interpreted in several ways. It could be the end of Time as the translation literally suggests (I mean, Time IS just in the mind.. how many would freak if they didn't know the time. Not lost track, but absolutely had no sense of it whatsoever. How much of the world would fall apart?). It could be the End of the world, as most believe to not believe. It could be just meaning that Earth and the rest of our solar system will now be existing under the plane, rather than above. Or it could mean the "Creator" will come down to the Earth to walk amongst humans. From what I've "heard and felt" from dragons, they believe it will be them coming back to our plane/world of existence.


Whatever the reason, I think everyone has gotten too comfortable with "oh look ANOTHER apocalypse day? It's just a hoax." but that's just my opinion.


Sources: Astronomy Class at Clarion University (Where I go to school for the Mayan side of it) and http://viewzone.com/endtime.html (If you have enough time and have open mindedness and don't mind a bit of mind-blowing of someone who DID research it on the site above)


*Looks back up at post* Yeah.... sorry about it being soooo long and Thanks to everyone who followed it all the way through.

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