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Dedicated to all of my friends. Without them, this story would not exist. Special thanks goes to my friend Tyler, who kept me motivated to finish.




“The year was 2012. America had been at war for eleven years with the Middle East. Time had come for a change. The U.N. stepped in and created a peace treaty for the warring nations. On October 23rd, the treaty was finalized: the Middle East would ship punctual, generous shipments of oil and other essential fossil fuels each month and the U.S. government would stay out of Middle East affairs. It was a total cease fire for the two. The President of the United States and the leaders of the Middle East signed the papers at U.N. headquarters and within the week, a shipment of oil and natural gas entered the U.S. Peace had come at last. It was a delicate agreement. One slip up from either side would renew the fighting.


During this long-awaited time of peace, conspiracy theorists turned to the Mayan prediction for December 21, 2012. The Mayans called it El Fin de los Tiempos (the end of the times). Most thought it meant the end of an age. Others thought it meant the end of the world. Most of Earth's population regarded this "End of the World" prediction as they had the others (Y2K, 06/06/06, etc): fake. Astrophysicists and meteorologists watching the sky that nothing would come from above even though there was a comet passing close to the planet that year. Geologists and oceanographers said nothing would come from below. Little did anyone know that the Mayan prediction would not come around by natural means, but instead by technological means.


A group of activists, refusing to hail any country as their own, gained control of a shipment of biological nukes. Within two weeks they bombed the major cities of the major countries including: United States, Africa, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, and Australia. Immediately following the bombings, a ship exploded in the ocean. Authorities from all of the nations concluded that this was the ship used to bomb the world.


Where the nukes hit, a virus spread. Those who worked to clear the rubble realized it was changing them. They were able to see farther, run faster, and lift heavier loads. The cleanup of the major cities was finished within a month. The rebuilding of the U.S. capitol was started immediately. They worked tireless hours, not needing sleep because their bodies had adapted to it. They found sunlight to be uncomfortable and therefore completed it in the dark. The plans were finished and the buildings were re-erected within six months.


Luckily the President had been in a meeting at the U.N. when the activists attacked on December 21, 2012. He was given a home in Philadelphia until the White House and other buildings were rebuilt. Hazmat teams tried to detox the air as well. Finally, he was able to move back in. Peace and a sense of normality had been restored. But, it wouldn’t last for long.


The kids who had been near the areas that had been hit were noticing different changes than those of the workers. Those who used to wear glasses no longer had to, those who did badly at sports now excelled at them and most kids found that math and critical thinking problems weren’t even that hard. Doctors were baffled at the increased brain activity. Telekinesis and telepathy were no longer rare gifts. Almost everyone had them. Thoughts had to be guarded carefully.


Adults were also affected. Longevity increased by tenfold and more “powers†developed. A young man by the name of John Charleson sought to increase this “power†even more. He spent longer times in the affected areas. He wasn’t the only one to try this, but after dawn of his second week of doing this, he was the only one showing signs of change. Within a month, he had mutated into something barely recognizable as human. If asked to describe it, one could only use this description “a hodge-podge of animals: eyes like a snake, face of a dog, front feet of a maned wolf/deer, and back legs like a horse. He had a mane like a lion and a tail like a lizard. He was covered in sharp spikes and had two bony knobs that could only be a failed attempt at wings. He terrorized the streets of Washington, D.C. and the military was powerless to stop him. Anyone who was bit by this creature became something akin to him.


Soon the miracle of the bombing developed into Charleson’s disease. It happened widespread throughout the bombed areas and was carried on the wind. Face masks became necessary every day, especially outside. Citizens were encouraged to move as far away from these places as possible and to only be out during the day. The monsters loved the darkness and any shade was not safe either. Soon the military developed an underground system so the people could live below. The monsters couldn’t follow them down there. The military made it almost impossible.


Some scientists refused to leave the surface. Astro-physicists and biologists stayed above ground to keep an eye on the comet that was passing through and to study the air to see if there was an antidote that could be made. They weren’t the only ones to stay above. Anyone who was great at farming also stayed above. They were given expensive places to live above and below ground. When winter came, only the scientists stayed above. Using the extensive labyrinth of tunnels below these facilities, the military was able to get the scientists food and supplies throughout the winter.


With the threat of the beasts looming overhead, most of the population was pressing the scientists to find a new planet to inhabit. Finally, after five years of searching, the scientists found a suitable host planet. Using the technology that had been developed in the years directly after the bombs went off before Charleson’s disease had fully manifested, the scientists launched a rocket that powered on reactor technology. Within a month, the team responded that the locals had agreed they could move in, but there were minor stipulations. One, only a certain number of the population, mainly women and children could come through and two, they had to abide by all rules of the planet or be sent back.


A division became immediately apparent in what was left of the world. Some wanted to find a new planet, others agreed with the stipulations, ready to make whatever sacrifice necessary to save the young ones. In the end, the planet divided. Most of the 580 citizens that were left after the disease stayed on Earth while twenty men and eighty women and children (less than the stipulation) left for this new planet now known as Mylaran.


That was eight hundred years ago. We have not heard from them since.â€


Zeke closed the seventh edition of Our History-How We Came to be Here by: Anderson and Ritz and set it aside. He had been studying for his History test that would be right after lunch. He looked at his clock over on his bedside table. It read 22:38. It was time to get some sleep.

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