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One without a name

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I lay here on my bed,

wondering what the day will bring,

another day of classes,

one day closer to spring.


My heart of stone,

I call it,

has a broken shell,

my life a mold of clay around it,

it's insides just hell.


The heart of stone I used,

to stop my tears,

when things had hurt me,

through the many years.


Who am I?

I ask.

I want to scream it to the world.

No amount of searching,

seems to make the mystery unfurl.


My heart a tomb,

for what used to make me who I was,

I let others break me,

but I really was its cause.


I want to be happy,

I want to be sad,

I want to feel anger,

I want to be glad.


I want to feel again,

I hear my heart scream,

You've locked me away,

I thought we were a team.


You fight me and push me away,

you look for me,

but force yourself astray,

you pressure me and hurt me,

love me, yet hate me.


A hole in your mind,

a burning circle

you can't seem to find.

I listen to its screams and pleas,

then turn and walk away.

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