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We just have a few golden rules here:

  • No Harassment - Posting content with the intention of insulting or attacking another community member is not acceptable.
  • No Spamming/Flooding - Creating posts that provide no meaningful content to the topic, creating threads for the sole purpose of advertising (aka spam) or repeatedly posting the same thread in multiple places. Such posts/threads will be removed. This applies to all areas of the site.
  • Nothing Illegal - This one should be obvious, our site is hosted in the US, don't post anything here that violates US Law (e.g. what might infringe copyright).
  • Be Polite - You are free to express your opinions, not everyone will agree with your opinion, please express them politely. Don't excessively swear or cuss, while there is a filter for the more common ones, just use your head. Don't be vulgar or crude, don't say something you wouldn't want your grandmother to read.
  • Use common sense - This isn't an exhaustive list, so just use common sense, if there's not a rule against it but it seems like a bad idea, don't do it. Staff can act at their discretion.