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  1. lived happily ever after! The End.

    1. NovusDragon


      But sometimes, we make sequels.

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  4. Today's the day!

    I have not made a New Year's resolution! I know people that try to do them, don't do them! I think New Year's resolutions are a satisfying way to start off fresh in the new year, but I tend to take smaller goals progressively throughout the year. My wish for the 2010 year is that all the hassle and headache with ending high school and beginning college, is a smooth, seamless transition—because it's quite nerve-wracking for me!
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    Here are my newest pieces (December 31, 2009)! Dramatic Look Dramatic No. 2 3D-Glasses
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  7. I've been wanting to post something like this for a really long time, today just felt right to do so. I know that this site is supposed to be targeted at dragon lovers, but that doesn't exactly fit me anymore. I joined this site to share my thoughts about dragons, and here I am now, four years after I've joined attempting to have a discussion about my lack of faith (disturbing) in dragons. I used to be everything dragon but as time went by, I grew up, and dragons no longer meant what they used to anymore. I mean, just thinking that I believed in dragons at a point in my life seems really weird, if not, silly even. And I really liked dragons then, maybe even a little too much—and now—I don't really even think of them in the same way I did several years ago. And dragons were really cool. There are a lot of people I've met, who are older than me, and they still believe in dragons. There are some here even. I'm not sure what the circumstances were for them to still find dragons interesting—and it's not that they aren't interesting—because they are, it's just that I think I miss having them around. And the people who are older (I know one person who is in their forties) they still have a little bit of dragon in their day, as where I don't. I know it'll sound strange with all this—dragons aren't cool anymore talk—but I feel like I should still like dragons. They were a pretty large part of my life. They even went so far as almost being spiritual, and by spiritual, I mean "Other Kin". And it was just about the time that I denied my "Draconity" that dragons began to die out. But anyway, I really want to believe dragons (as weird as that may sound, even to me) but right now I don't. If anyone actually understands me, I'd like responses. Not that I'm asking anyone to make me believe, or whatever, I'd like to get back to that point.
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    The gift-giving holidays are just around the corner... what kinds of knickknacks are on your wish list! My Wish List: 1. An iPod nano 5G, 16 GB, Silver. 2. Prismacolor Colored Pencils 3. Novelty T-Shirts
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    Do you have webbed feet!
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