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    I love the stars and flying, Flying at night is the best! :)

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About Me

My name is Kitiara, call me Kit if you want. I was named after Kitiara uth Matar from DragonLance. I love playing Tera Rising and League of Legends.

Zilyana Nailo is a character I have created for Dungeons & Dragons which I play ALOT. More than that, Zily has become a part of me. I hope to be able to roleplay her more and bring her out in me, because she is who I want to be in life.


Krystalis Seranyth is the dragon soul bound to me. One day, when I pass, we will separate and together move through the realms of imagination and dreams, taking flight in the astral plane and living together with our mates.

I try to help people if they are feeling down and most people where I live come to me with problems. I've not told a secret that was told to me since I was 12. So, if some one needs a person to talk to or to just be comforted, I am here.

Any other questions please ASK!!!