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  1. Riddles!

    Okay! Time to play a game! It's a riddle game! I'm going to write a riddle! If you know it answer it, but then you have to write another riddle. The next person will answer then write a riddle and so on and so forth! The only Rule is: You Can't answer your own riddle and you can't look up the answer to someone else's! Okay! Let's Go!! Easy one first: A box without hinges, key, or a lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid. What am I?
  2. That moment when you look at the site and you are on almost every thread you see as the newest post

  3. A little experiment

    so i saw a theory that deep thought said the number 42 as the answer to life, the universe, and everything because 42 is the ascii code for the asterisk symbol (*) which often means "whatever you want it to be". so she answered with 42 because she was a computer but what she really meant was "whatever you want it to be" food for thought. Cheers all
  4. A holler from me.

    i'm floating here * makes ghostie noises*
  5. Hello! I'd like to see who's still lingering! Say hello!! Cheers, Zily
  6. I look around, seeing everyone bustling around the tavern and smile. "Who's up for a song?" A rousing cheer emits from the patrons as I take a stance near the middle of the room. There are very few tables here and I can see almost the whole tavern, across the wall from the door, the gold dragonborn barkeep wipes a glass clean with a smile. He knows I bring in the customers around these parts. "How about the 'Halfman's Song'?" Another rousing cheer. It's not a fast song, but it is definitely a crowd favorite. The glint of a pin in the back catches my eye and there's a noD from a man with frizzled gray hair, sitting amongst the shadows. There's my contact. I smile and start my tune, the winged cat, Timber, rousing from my shoulders as our act begins. As I begin to play on my lute sparks fly and rings of flame appear in the air for Timber to pass through. As I reach the chorus, the flames around the room flicker with an eerie green light before returning to normal. "Beware, beware, of the words I twist, I am small but my reach is long, and the ravens, black against the winter's mist are whispering the halfman's song." I keep playing as the patrons sing along with the chorus, before slowly ending my tune, Timber's antics ending. The sound of the lute fades as an eerie whisper seems to come from the walls themselves "They are whispering the Halfman's song.....". "Thank you, thank you," I say. "Buy some drinks if you want to help me keep playing in here, lads, the barkeep says I don't come cheap!" With a wink and a laugh I make my way to a table and sit down alone, a halfling waitress bringing over my usual small cup of wine and says, "That was a fantastic performance as usual, Zily! We could use some new songs too, if you find the time to write! These boys would keep you playing all night if you let them!" She giggles and gives a sly wink and before I can say a word, bustles off to help the next table. I shake my head, knowing I already have someone waiting for me to come home to Stagwick, clear up in the north mountains, and takes a sip of my wine as I look over to the guy in the back. I know he's waiting for more of the group to show. Apparently, there would be more. I take out a set of tarot cards and begin playing a game until they arrive.
  7. Welcome one and all! Playing D&D has set me on a path of wanting to do some RPs again and thus I will see who is still lurking who might want to join. This is a very simple RPG set in a fantasy world. For simplicity sake I'm going to use Faerun. Some of you might recognize this as the world that Dungeons and Dragons is set in. There are multiple areas and planes and a lore all to its own. Here is a link to the map. http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/wd_maps/FRposterLarge_150.jpg You can be from pretty much anywhere. So when writing the character sheet this is what you should put down! Name: Race: (Choose wisely!) Gender: Age: Picture/Description: (if one is available, if not describe yourself!) Class: (your job, such as: bard, Barbarian, rogue, cleric, wizard, warlock, druid, ranger, paladin, fighter, etc) Backstory: (Tell us a bit about your history) In this case, the Dragon's Tavern where you all meet, is near Waterdeep on the edge of the Swordcoast. Called by various reasons, you are all meeting up in the tavern to meet with a local who has an interesting tale to tell. This is where our story begins. I have a couple characters I will play and of course the NPCs. There will be no need for rolling as I know that we all know that bad stuff does sometimes happen. Welcome to D&D. Let the games begin. Name: "Zily" Race: Half-wood elf Gender: Female Age: 21 Picture/Description: (See attachment), A well dressed, yet with a bit of flair, Zily's outfit screams entertainer, with a lute and a mandolin on her back as well as a zulkoon and pan flute strapped to her side, the young minstrel is ready for some playing. A winged cat often lays draped about her shoulders and she has an odd headband that seems to be made of bone around her forehead that is adorned with precious clear gems. Class: Bard/Wizard Backstory: Being a Half-elf in Evermeet is rough. From the moment of her birth, everyone treated her differently. Zilyana's mother perished shortly after giving birth to her, only naming her Zilyana Nailo and her human father was never found. Zily's aunt threw her out at as soon as she was an adult (20) without teaching her anything of Elvish culture and forsook her. Zily wandered the lands, nothing but an old lute and the clothes on her person, scavenging from the woods as needed for food. After five years of wandering, a human male about her age came across her sitting in a glade humming a tune as she stroked her lute. He marveled at the beasts gathered complacently around her. Adding his music to her own, he joined her. As the music rose and fell, they each sensed within the other a deep understanding. When the music had ended, he offered her a place to stay in his cottage on the outskirts of Phlan. She graciously accepted his offer and the stranger told her he could teach her how to use her music to help others, not just to entertain. Zily had already sensed the power within the notes as she stroked the chords. As it turns out, Zily was a natural at bringing the notes to life. The young bard (he said she could call him Jaxsom) was amazed at her talent. Eventually Zily became an above-average entertainer under Jaxsom's tutelage. Around age 30, she and Jaxsom parted ways, each heading to their own paths, Jaxsom leaving her with a fragment of a beautiful song and gave her the task of finishing it (or finding who wrote it). Zily set off on her own adventure. (Yes I know the ages don't match up. Thanks to magic, Zily is back to being 21.)
  8. A little experiment

    life, universe ad everything. I wish it would be solved by the number 42... that would make things so much easier
  9. A little experiment

    That moment when you want to come back to your roots...
  10. Your turn finally, Faze.

  11. IC: Hogwarts 1940

    Hal woke up several times during the night. As a result, she was rather cranky the next morning as she got up, dressed and dashed downstairs where Jasper was waiting for her. "Looks like we have Potions with the Hufflepuffs today. I'm not sure what sort of Professor this Slughorn character is, but I guess he was the one talking about bullying last night," said Jasper. Hal yawned and nodded in response, hoping she could stay awake in class today. She had her Potions stuff with her then she was in Care of Magical Creatures with the Gryffindors after that. Jasper would be going to Broom training. They had to split the first years up so after Jasper's lesson Hal would be going to train on the Brooms with the other half of the class. Jasper said he would meet her for lunch which was cool. Hal yawned as they traveled down into the dungeons for Potions. This class would be too easy for her. A couple of the girls made mean faces at Hal, but puppy eyes at Jasper and Hal rolled her eyes. Already they were going after Jasper just because he was cute. Typical girls, thought Hal. She had more important things to worry about than Jasper. She had classes. Ahead of her, she saw a few of the Hufflepuff first years from the feast as they continued their descent into the dungeons. Hal entered the classroom, setting up her cauldron and supplies neatly near the center of the desks, off to the right. She didn't want to sit in front. She knew she was smart, there was no reason to be a teacher's pet and sit in the front of the class. Jasper sat next to her, but didn't take out his things. "This is one class I won't be good at," he laughed. "I couldn't read through the book. All of the others I could manage, but Potions just seemed boring." He dropped his voice as the rotund teacher with the gingery-blonde mustache and straw-colored hair sidled into the room. Jasper reluctantly got out his things muttering something under his breath as Hal waited for the teacher to speak, covering a yawn. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Eldon got up in the morning feeling refreshed. He donned his robes. It was a new school year. Tomorrow would be the tryouts for the Gryffindor team. Cedric was excited, talking about it over breakfast, but was cut off by Karactus dropping a letter onto Eldon's head from his mother. "Dear Eldon, I'm glad you made it safe. They better be feeding you enough at that loony box or I will have some words with the Headmaster. Better find something useful to do with your time than learning magic tricks...." Eldon didn't finish reading. His mind was back on the magical food. Why couldn't they send any of it home? "Earth to Eldon," said Cedric, snapping his fingers. Eldon jerked slightly. "Wha-? Yea I can't wait for tryouts either," said Eldon. "I'll see you later." He got up and headed to Charms with the Slytherins. It seemed like most of his classes would be with them this year. Eldon sighed softly. That means more dealing with that arrogant Tom Riddle, he thought. . Hagrid sat down carefully next to a pale boy (OOC: Ignotus), hoping the seat wouldn't buckle under him and smiled at him. "So, yer a vampire?" he asked the boy, not having any tact at all, but did try to keep his voice down. His blue eyes under his bushy eyebrows looked at the boy curiously, but not rudely. (OOC: Sorry it took so long, Faze. Writer's block has pretty much acquiesced so I should be able to respond more..)
  12. A little experiment

    So, I ended up not getting the job, and the interview wasn't really an experience, but I'm still searching. Cam's mom wants me to double my efforts in looking for the job -.- So, I may not be on for abit longer. I promise I will reply to Hogwarts in the next couple of days, Faze.
  13. A little experiment

    Well, I got an offer for an interview in a wax-making lab today so hopefully something comes of that and I might be able to stick with target as well (which I think would be ok for me).
  14. A little experiment

    Blargh... I'm under so much pressure to find a new job -.- it's annoying
  15. The "I feel..." Thread

    Betrayed and sad, Worthless.. not good enough.
  16. Take a GIF, leave a GIF

    For funsies... Have some Rick and Morty!!
  17. The "I feel..." Thread

    Feeling frustrated, annoyed, pressured and just all around bleh... when I try to actually get better about myself I start feeling a little happier, but nonetheless, I may have an adrenal imbalance. Need to see a doctor or therapist at some point -.-
  18. A little experiment

    Herro Everyone. I apologize for my lack of communication. I've been rather busy of late and with my bf settling into a new job, the pressure has been put on me to find my own. I have been rather frustrated with it and as I am not one to post drama on the net, I have secluded myself so as to not rant to you guys. That being said, my writer's block is finally receeding so I MIGHT be able to respond in Hogwarts soon Faze, I apologize again for the wait.
  19. A little experiment

    This comes up as my home page every time I open my browser, but I've had a terrible case of writer's block and have felt rather embarassed about coming back because I still can't figure out what to reply to Faze in the Harry Potter RP. I will keep trying to think of something. It has also been stressful because I have been searching for another job. Now that I have graduated, my bf's mom (IceSlider's mom) won't let me stay in retail and I'm going to have loans hitting soon so I have to come up with something better or have big issues. I'll try coming online more often, but I can't make promises I'm not sure I can keep right now. Once life becomes abit more stable, I promise I will be back on more frequently. I apologize for my absence.
  20. Dragons in Our Midst

    So has anyone read this series by Bryan Davis? I have only read the first book, but the idea really struck a chord with me. It talks about King Arthur and how dragons donned human skins back during his reign. It also shows (for those who reliegious, I personally am not, but maybe some are) how Christianity and dragons actually coincide with one another (and that's just from the first book Raising Dragons). I will definitely get more from the series because I thoroughly enjoyed the book and reading through the summary (as I said before) it really struck a chord with me. Quoted below from Google Books is the summary: "A boy learns of his dragon past; a girl has known of hers for years. They combine their faith, courage and love to overcome an evil slayer who seeks to bring an end to dragon heritage forever. Billy feels betrayed and his parents learn that they've kept their secret for too long. Bonnie, an orphan, tries to find a home and someone to love her, while feeling insecure because of a body feature she calls a deformity." A definite read for those who feel related or to those that feel they truly are dragon kin.
  21. A little experiment

    Loc, I had finals every ten weeks. I have currently finished my program and hope to get my results of my classes soon. IF I passed all of my classes then I will have graduated school forever!!! I'm going to try to post within ht enext day or two, Faze. My old writing spirit is coming back slowly but surely.
  22. A little experiment

    Finals -.- This week and next.. In fact I have a 20 page final paper due in 8.5 hours... just stopping in to say I'm not dead and I should be able to reply to the RPs within the next week or two.. Have a bit of a writers block which REALLY sucks.
  23. Skype: rehalah Email: kiroryu746@gmail.com