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  1. More than just a myth

    No matter how we see him, dragons are considered to be fantasy animals from ancient tales and legends. Their appearance changed over the years in movies, books and games, and even makes them fire-breathing animals that attack villages and abduct princesses. A story we owe to Richard Wagner, the composer from 1853 of "Der Ring des Nibelungen" or "Ring of the Nibelungs" where the fire-breathing dragon Fafnir stood guard by a treasure. It made the dragon as we know them today. Yet they were different than they are now on display and seem unrealistic for many. However, dragons are just animals of flesh and blood and across the world, many people claim that they have ever seen a dragon. Is it true or not, no one can say. But it is at least remarkable that hundreds of people claim that the dragon is still standing among us in this overpopulated planet. Other legends like the Loch ness monster, bigfood or the Chupacabra are animals that had seen a lot in spite of the human race donimating the earth. The dragon was not really a name, but a description of the animal that means 'great serpent' ... in this case, winged serpent. The dragon is actually a description because nobody ever was able to see the dragon for more than 10 seconds. The dragon was seen all across the world from Africa (Naga) to China, South America to Scandinavia where Normans thought the dragon's image protected them. The divine being used to be worshiped by people but was unfortunately reduced to a character in a video game as a final boss. But is it true? ... is the dragon still among us? Are the described statements of the past true and are still alive today or are these people just looking for attention?. Perhaps we will never know but it is food for thought. And beside the dragon, there are other observations where we as humans say it's not possible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUzA-2OQU7Y
  2. Music you say?

    Does anyone know the horrorgame 'Five nights at freddy's'? The game where children are murderd and their souls were trapped by the so called 'Purple guy' in animatronics. At the end of 'Five nights at freddy's 3, the children are saved by the night guard...Youtube is filled with fanwork of this game, but one of them had my attention.
  3. The "I feel..." Thread

    Feels like the same as me.
  4. How to Train your Dragon

    Despite the fact that the film is very popular with many people, I totally can't agree to accept this movie as something that people loving dragons should see as something good because of several reasons that only occur in people who believe in dragons as higher beings. The "dragons" in this movie are actually caricatures of all types cliché dragons in fairy tales and the most perfect white people using them as slaves who follow them without question. How to Train Your Dragon is actually totally not a film for people who respect dragons as dignified beings and spirits in my opinion ... I repeat, only my opinion. I actually haven't seen any movie that dragons are non-human, not slavishly, not fire breathing, not cliché, evil and dead and not childish ... never seen that before in a dragon movie that doesn't contain these. How to train your dragon has all of that. Nevertheless, DreamWorks films have always been great, if someone is not so concerned about the spiritual dragon and just like to see them in a movie, this film is probably very entertaining. I may not be able to look at it like most people do, I can imagine why this film is so popular. Cute characters, good story, stunning animation. Oscar winner for a reason.
  5. Favourite Dragon Pics

    That snow dragon is just beautiful, the one that actived that is a true artist. By the way, is that your drawing Helios?, very nice ... very nicely done indeed. I also found one that really fascinates me ... because I really like to see the dragon combine with natural elements, this was also the work of pure genius. "When the last tree has been cut off and nature dies, the dragon will die with it."
  6. Favourite Dragon Pics

    Interesting topic, it amazes me that 'How to Train Your Dragon' figures are so popular. But not me, I see a dragon rather spiritually connected to a natural element. I also believe in the dragon and adore their presence and the drawings close come from a credible position in a natural element has my preference. To give a little explanation of this example: the drawing exudes simplicity and yet it is both simple and ingenious. It shows that a dragon don't go on epic adventures or need to breath fire to seem awesome. She bows her head for a creation of nature in a background of a sunset. What does it mean to be a dragon ... just like a tree or any other living thing on earth, everything is here on the same quest. It's just art.
  7. A new dragon lover

    Excuse me for being so late to respond, welcome. Have fun ;)
  8. Daily Dose of Dragon

    Really fantastic to look at these interesting things in history about dragons. There are many stories written about dragons and have been frequently changed such as breathe fire ... that is something that is added later.
  9. How to Train your Dragon

    I heard on television that Httyd2 has a more feminine tone over the original. I haven't seen it yet, but it seems that Dreamworkes has thought about it well enough so it won't be that they repeat the events of the first film into the second. It's a film aimed for a younger audience, but Dreamworkes animation is known that everyone is able to watch this kind of movies. This sequel appears to be another blockbuster because everyone seems to love Toothless. I hope that they'll stop after this part, these stories shouldn't be squeezed empty like a lemon such as the Schrek movies.
  10. Returning after a long absence

    I think I know you from the older days, welcome back. ;)
  11. DragonTube

    I have absolutely no idea who's voice that was, I just thought it appropriate because of the tittle. And yes, Two steps from hell ... also matched this video. There are more videos on youtube than I thought when I wrote the word 'dragon'. It's mainly about 'dragon love' that had a lot of hits. Some of them happens to be dragons in video game clips like 'Dragonage or 'Monster hunter... usually the dragon dies brutally ... but I'd rather not see that again. I would like to see creative work from fans. To give an example, this is from a youtuber called 'LoveDragonsForever'. A user who clearly want to show that dragons can love each other.
  12. DragonTube

    The more I notice how many movies can be found about dragons on the internet. Sometimes just clips of movies, some even self signed clips and storylines. I am therefore wondering if these creative fans who like to show his of her movie to other fans. It may also be dragons related movies, games,...anything.. I'm very curious about your work. I've never worked on a movie, but there is one that I made long ago out of boredom, and of course, because dragons are so amazing. the topic starter begins:
  13. I hate that Smaug dies like this. Damn Tolkien and Peter Jackson, a little more dragon love of both is required.

    1. Krystalis


      darn spammers. Kill it LOC!

    2. Philosopher


      Tolkien always viewed dragons as being an image of evil and greed. Smaug makes a great dragon, but yes, sadly he's cliched evil and cliched dead. :P

  14. Favourite Dragon Film?

    But ... there is a but ... for those who do not know, Smaug dies at the end of the story, and I find that very unfortunate. There are few movies where the dragon survives and 'The Hobbit is yet another movie where the dragon eventually dies. I don't know the story of the book, but I played the video on my Nintendo a few years ago and I always had a hard time with that end, I did not see it as a happy ending at all. Smaug is a proud, great and ancient dragon, attracted by something he wants. He's death should not be a reward for dragon fans. I didn't see part II yet and to be honest, I'm not sure if I want to see it because of this.
  15. Favourite Dragon Film?

    The new film from Peter Jackon 'Hobbit: desolation of Smaug will soon be seen in the cinema, which can also be considered as a dragon movie. The book describes Smaug as a fearsome dragon, I'm curious how this dragon movie will be. I know the story, but knowing Peter Jackson's style, this will be very epic and atmospheric. Here's the movie trailer: