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  1. IC: Code of Honour

    Razt grabbed onto the pod tightly as it was launched down towards the surface of the planet in high speed. The pod shaked violently as it pushed through the atmosphere, making his pulse raise. He closed his eye and concentrated on relaxing... he knew there was no danger, the pod could be launched anywhere on this planet and he would not be harmed, as the outer hull was made of a very durable metal, found only on few planets... the same kind from which yatja wrist blades were made. Before Razt could fully get into peace with his inner self, the pod hit the surface of the planet... the hit was hard, but not as hard as he would've expected. As he opened his eye he saw what was going on... appearanly his pod had smashed right into a small pond. He felt how his speed slowed down, and finally came to a full stop as he hit the bottom. 35 meters beneath the surface, it said... that would not be a problem. Making few final checks, Razt made sure all his gear was still with him, and then tapped in the override code for the door, to open it despite the pressure difference between the outside and inside sensors. Door started opening, and water rushed in with pressure, filling the pod fully before the door had even opened yet. Razt wasnt worried though, as his mask's respirator could provide him oxygen for several minutes even under stress. The water was cold... but not freezing. Pushing with his feet, Razt pushed himself up and started swimming. It was very dark, but there was light above him. Giving a gently touch on his wrist computer, he switched his vision mode from infrared to thermal vision, allowing him to see even in full darkness... even though the water restricted the flow of thermal radiation, it was still better than nothing. Making his way to the surface, Razt walked to the shore with heavy steps. He would have to wait for few moments before he could activate his cloaking device, as water interfiered with its functions. He decided to check his position, and brought up his heads up display, showing the positions of the other yatja. The other pods seemed to have landed safely aswell... and it appeared one of the yatja was approaching him. With a huge leap up to a tree, he looked around him. Terrain was quite difficult, but gave some good cover... it was going to be a good planet for hunting.
  2. IC: Code of Honour

    Razt slowly opened his eyes and raised his head. Something inside him told him it was time to go... a feeling inside. He stood up and made his way to the pods with quick steps. Everyone else were already waiting, he guessed... he didn't want to hold anyone back. Breathing deeply Razt tried his best to hold his excitement. The helmet pushed fresh oxygen into his lungs, making his whole body feel all powered up. As he arrived to the pods, he stepped into his own, without saying a word. He was as ready as he'd ever be...
  3. IC: Code of Honour

    Razt left the viewing decks for his gear as the others did so aswell. He felt nervous, despite him trying to act calm. He would need to do his meditation... it was the only way to archieve total control over his mind and spirit. Razt didnt want to pack too heavily; after putting his armour on, he chose his weapons... wrist blades, combi stick, plasma caster and a netgun. He would've preferred to leave the shoulder cannon behind... but as he didnt know what he was facing it would only be smart to be prepared for the worst. The combi stick he wouldn't give away for any price though... even when it wasn't as traditional as some of the spears and staffs in his collection of weapons, it still had made a special place in his heart. Lightweight and durable, easy to carry around... and the ability which he loved the most: being close to his prey... close enough to feel it's spirit pass to the other side. As Razt attached all of his gear to his armour, he then finally picked up his helmet. It had seen few hunts... it was not his first helmet, this one was his second... the first one had been totally broken when he had lost his eye. A costly lesson of respecting one's opponent. After attaching his helmet to his armour Razt sat down on the floor. He would still have a few minutes for himself before he would have to hurry to the others. He closed his eyes and let his mind begin to wonder to the spiritual world.
  4. IC: Code of Honour

    Razt didn't look at the others, just stared into the stars. His full attention was focused on what the others were saying though, as the sudden change in the moods of others had alerted him. It was nothing to worry about though, he figured... but it was interesting to notice such aggression at this early stages of their journey. He turned his head slightly to see the others from the corner of his eye. Interesting group they had here... lots of contrast in personalities. He just wondered if they would end up working together... or fighting each other.
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  6. IC: Code of Honour

    Razt heard voices ahead... appearantly from the viewing decks. For a moment he had an urge to turn around and find a place where he could find some privacy... but then again it was probably wiser to see what the others were upto. After all, they were supposed to work together. He could do his meditating later on... perhaps right before the start of the hunt. That way his mind would be clear when facing the challenges of the new world. Taking deep breath, Razt relaxed himself while walking into the viewing decks. Nodding to the others as he entered, he walked calmly to the windows, taking a look outside in the dark space. Everything out there was so... cold. And quiet. He didn't really know the others so well yet... and he felt unsure about how he should approach them... or if he even should. Perhaps it was the best to just observe for now.
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  8. IC: Code of Honour

    Razt grumbled and touched his sore neck, rubbing it slowly. He hated the after effects of hibernation... Opening his eye, he looked around himself. it appeared everyone else was awake already... His sleep had been good though, very calm... filled with warm feelings. He wasnt quite sure if those were his own or someone else's... as he had always been very sensitive to emotions while asleep. Getting up slowly and stretching his muscles, Razt felt the cold air around him... it was funny how he could feel the difference, but he was sure the ship had been warmer down on the planet's surface than here in the cold dark space. Perhaps it was just his imagination... Either way, the problem was easily fixed, as he moved his finger across his wrist computer and activated the heating on the net-like-suite covering his entire body. With heavy steps Razt then started walking out from the chamber, leaving his gear behind... he wouldnt need it until later on...
  9. OOC: Code of Honour

    -Name: Razt Fe -Gender: male -Age: adult -rank: Blooded -Personality: very spiritual, a loner. Likes to spend very much time meditating. Has a great respect for everything living... and dead. -Specialities: has a strong mental connection to spirits around him, sees visions while meditating. Very slightly telepathic. -Weaknesses: Has a blind left eye. -Favourite weapon: Combistick and wristblades. Dislikes energy weapons, as he is very traditional about his ways of hunting. -History: Razt was raised in a small village, by the village healer. Learning to live by the code, he learned to respect nature and all its creatures... seeing the world in a very loving way. Despite him being so in touch with all living, it has not interfiered with his hunting skills... some might even say that adopting both lifestyles and combining them have made him a very respectful hunter. Even when Razt always has liked other Yatja, he also always has seeked a way to find his own peace and privacy. His tendency in seeking both his mental and physical boundaries has also cost him his left eye... but it also teached him to never underestimate his opponents. After leaving his village to seek his true inner self, he is ready to face the other worlds... anxious to see what the universe has to offer him.
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