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  1. LoL: League of Legends

    I've heard of LoL through reading comics and articles. Mostly when I have been looking up stuff about Dota 2. I've heard many bad things (community, game mechanics and 'strategy') but it is an ok game by its own right. One friend played it, said it was a dumbed down, automated, lacking utility version of Dota. Also I think LoL isn't a pvp game but more team vs team. (That said it is hard to categorize LoL, Dota or any other game that's similar) I can say as much bad things about LoL but Dota 2 community is pretty bad itself. It isn't easy to play and a bad start haunts you throughout matches.
  2. Music you say?

    Nice to see someone else knows of Amanda Palmer. I mostly know her through Dresden dolls that she was a part of. My favourite songs from her is and Delilah Good Day
  3. Forgot to mention. I moved out of home a week and a bit ago. Also, Merry Christmas I guess.

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      Merry christmas to you too, Dradolan!

  4. Dream Thread

    I once had a dream that felt like it was real. I say that because I felt just as tired in that dream as I normally would day in and day out. I fell asleep in my dream and never woke up. I died mysteriously and was floating to the afterlife. I was greeted by other ghosts. Floating around in a dull grey landscape with broken empty buildings. Everyone was being so very kind to me. As I floated around with them I realised that I wasn't tired. I was so surprised and joyful, other ghosts laughed with me and said that the fact I was dead I am eternally resting so I wasn't tired. It comforted me that my fatigue and lethargic motion wasn't present. I felt weird and a bit empty though, I mean aside from the fact I was dead. Being tired has been all that I've known for years to come. It felt so odd to have such energy to do what I want freely without something hindering me. When I woke up I was rather disappointed. The most recent dream I remember was I was in a underwater zombie apocalypse where I had to go through dangerous areas with only one friend with me. Rather scary experience because we had flashbacks of people getting killed and splattered everywhere. It seemed while we were underwater we all moved normally like it was on land. Anycase blood and guts everywhere,we had to hide a lot of the time. We managed to escape a big building and ran across the street. We encounted a woman crying her eyes out over some body remains. As I went up to scout above to see if anything was coming our way my friend asked what happened. Apparently she saw Justin Bieber and he was being ripped apart. As she cried I burst into laughter. So much I rolled down the stairs. Less the say she wasn't impressed. I then woke up.
  5. Been a while since I been here. I return as a cyborg

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      Are you here from the future? Are you looking for a woman named Sarah Connor??

    2. Dradolan
    3. Loc_zsu


      Phew, thats a relief then!

  6. My psychedelic experience (mature, long entry)

    I think a better moral would be to not take any drugs but that's your decision. I will keep myself in mind to not try truffels or mushrooms though. Glad you are alright, just don't screw yourself up anymore.
  7. Flight Rising

    The site is down but I figured it would be an idea to put down my name here Dradolan
  8. Take a GIF, leave a GIF

    Of course Wooooooooooooo yeaaaaaaaaah
  9. A little experiment

    It is bright and sunny. I hate it.
  10. Take a GIF, leave a GIF

  11. Favourite Dragon Film?

    I have no favourite due to the fact dragon movies make me emotional and vulnerable. Happy dragon movie like HTTYD made me emotional to the point I wanted to crawl up and hide somewhere. I don't like feeling vulnerable when I am watching something. I think the only film that had a dragon in it that I liked was The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. A combination of reasons why I loved it was that the dragon was really a boy and he was confused and hurt. It didn't fill me with emotional vulnerability and I felt good watching it. The fact the movie was being made was about 50KM away from where I live was another good reason to love it. As proof I will upload a bunch of pictures we took.
  12. A little experiment

  13. Take a GIF, leave a GIF

    Source: Forgotten where
  14. Were the olduns really the greatest?

    Yeah its on PC. I am pretty sure it isn't that hard to find and download. You can buy it from Gog with the second game for 5.99 or if you wish to try it before paying for it you can just get it off emuparadise: http://www.emuparadise.me/ScummVM_Games/Lands_of_Lore_-_The_Throne_of_Chaos_(CD_DOS,_Multilanguage)/140816-download. I use Dosbox to actually run the game.
  15. Were the olduns really the greatest?

    While graphics is great it doesn't make a game fantastic. Gameplay does, storytelling does, the atmosphere does and the mechanics is of a good quality. No game is ever perfect. I dare say the game would be harder to make these days then back many years because of the increase of hardware being made which requires drivers to be installed. Sometimes it is the graphics driver that is causing a terrible time in a game. Or perhaps a bit of both of the graphic driver and the game (I'm looking at you Rage). Two friends of mine and I recently installed Morrowind together separately on our machines. I've never met them but we talk through steam voice chat and we all started playing the game at the same time. I haven't played Morrowind in years and I remember of how good it was compared to the recent Elder scroll games. The graphics at the time the game was released was grand, the mechanics and structure of how the game works was spectacular and wasn't that hindered to provide content for players to enjoy. In other words it wasn't graphic orientated. It focused on the content. There were some obvious problems with the game that when you jump the slope will carry you on and it will make you take fall damage (or die) but the positives stood out more than then negatives. I was mentioning to a friend of mine of a game called Lands of Lore. An old RPG adventure game which I've had most of my life. It was a pretty basic game but with huge impact to me. It was very Roleplay and had puzzles for you to work out. What made such an impact to me was that the game scared me at many points. Like say, you leave the castle you start in. Ready to go on an adventure and begin your epic quest! You get hit with this music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tW23EFk09l0 and a dark eerie forest. The only bloody things out in this forest are 1 warthog (most easiest thing to kill) and 3 thugs. THAT'S ALL. The whole atmosphere petrified me as a kid and I couldn't pass that area until I was braze enough. The next area you are hit with this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0iXDa1IvDE at which I am confused because it is still a forest but the music is happy, cheery and everything. BUT THERE ARE SO MANY MORE MONSTERS HERE and much more deadly too. Aside from that song the game had more creepy ass music that made you wish you weren't there to begin with.The enemies were frightening due to being very lethal and because of how freaking ass they look. How they attack and the sounds they make are very foreboding. Download the game or watch it on youtube to see exactly what I mean, although it is more effective if you play it. It has become a tradition that old games or the first game of the series is the epitome of the series compared to sequels and/or prequels that came after the game's release. Dungeon Keeper, Halo, Crysis, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Borderlands (I found the second game to be disappointing imo) and the list goes on. A few exceptions of games actually being just as good or better than the first would be the Starcraft series, Mass Effect series (excluding the 3rd game) and in some cases Pokemon (it is the anime that is getting worse imo). When it comes to the really, really, really old games. I LOVE all the ones I played as a very young boy. Bartman on the NES, Super Mario Land 1,2,3, Super Mario Land on the gameboy, WarioLand 2, Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons/Time, Another World on the SNES and Super Mario Kart (before Mario Kart 64). Hell we even had Pacman, Chip's Challenge, Lose Your Marbles, Jazz Jackrabbit on our PC. We had a lot of games back then that I miss. They were classics that started a lot of grand games that are still around today, or forgotten by many. I miss those games. If anything both eras of games, there and now. Both are good. Good games are still being developed with more funding but the classics started it all. Influencing the game developers of today.