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    working out, drawing, hiking, driving my soon to be classic, disc golf, fishing, shooting, guns and knives, training. Geology. Dragons
  1. I'm engaged...And so is Ori

  2. I don't quite understand what you meant there sis, what's up? :O

    1. Azdeha


      haha sorry about that brother. What I ment was I was supposed to be in the air force already working my way to moving over seas....but that has been put on hold even longer than expected. problems after problems it sucks so much! how are you brother? tell me about your life these days :)

  3. Ill be on that side of the world in no time brother

  4. my my its been a while. how are you dear?

  5. my my its been a while. how are you dear?

  6. yes, I am still looming around these parts

    1. Loc_zsu


      Halt, who goes there! *pokes*

  7. i remember ur scaled hide ! ;) swinging in to say hello!

  8. needs to get on them posts that are actually being used, I keep looking at old ones lol confused

  9. wow, just checked out all the cool new ways to see stuff on my profile and all around here... I like it

  10. Proposed internet censorship

    great statement. Honestly, as far as the child abuse goes and the morality of the situation.... I do know for a fact that this isnt swept under the rug,there are organizations out there that find this stuff on the web and prosecute or try and stop it, it is bad that our children see these things or experience them, but it gives us one more way to find it and stop it. does that make any sense? the ability to see exactly whats happening and by who in some cases, or where, even just what state its in, knowing a little on a fact is better than nothing, if it was cencored and/or blocked we wouldnt have this small advantage... I think the web has all of humanities faults pasted all over it, damn it if we could make the web the perfect society that we would want the real world to be, but how can that ever happen when that real world is just as f'ed up, so, in like,the web is...
  11. Proposed internet censorship

    its not the governments job to do this, its the individuals or the parents. Dont like what u see? use a better search engine...kids looking at things u dont want em to? block the websites or limit their time on the comp...stuff like that. I personally dont think this is a good idea, especially from what I read, if the net system over there is already running slow. of course the more rules there are the more rules will be broken, and if its about porn or people getting certain critical information off the web, Im not too worried about it, likeVal said ull have a hella time gettin porn cencored out, worse things could happen if certain people cant get their fix (i.e. rap, molestation...) as for learning how to kill someone or how to grow weed, or how to commit suicide, these things are a bigger issue but there is only so much you can do (growing weed might not be a big issue to alot of people lol) if someone wants to kill someone, regardless of how they get the info or what the info is, they will do it or not, the same goes with suicide, u can get the same info outside the web, so it would piss people off more than help them.
  12. had a crazy reunion dream the other night, dang it I wanna see my friends frm here!!!

  13. misses this place...and the friendships

  14. Heyyy

    not spoken to you in ages.

    How are you? :)