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  1. But,..but, your so draconishy and all, I can't help it. :P

  2. Temporary Leave

    I can't focus on much right now, with a constant job search, running around, and all that other stuff that is going on right now in my life. Dodged the eviction bullet, but so far instant messengers are the only thing that works for me as those I could leave at any time. My logic, don't question it. I'll be back once things settle down. Forums I have to be in the mindset for or they get ignored.
  3. Still here. Hasn't left ED. RL is just really, really crazy right now.

  4. OOC: Ring of Scales

    Argh. Skip me please. Lots of drama going on right now and I keep forgetting to check this message board. Might have to pull out of the roleplay for a while if this RL crap keeps up. Stressed dragon is stressed, and derpy.
  5. Dragons in Skyrim.

    I gotta agree with Philosopher here. I loved Morrowind, recently got a computer that could play Oblivion, and Bethesda hasn't done wrong with me yet gameplay wise. Though I won't be getting this newest installment of the Elder Scrolls. Yeah, yeah, it was apparently hinted at throughout the series that the dragons would return and there is a reason for killing them but . . Urgh. I'm so tired of dragons being the enemy here, and since the whole game's main plot revolves around dragon slaying I'm going to stay away. Makes me want to play I of the Dragon and Drakengard, hah.
  6. New Rules

    37) Those with scales must pick their teeth clean with bunnies.
  7. Rouwr!

    Zhuge, Seeker, Spirit, and others are back. I'm honestly surprised. Welcome back. Wonder who else is going to show up.
  8. Great. Now I'm tempted to remake my Werewolf: The Wild West character.

  9. Ring of Scales

    If anything the discovery of another White was enough to put the dragon at least somewhat at ease. He still had those usual voices chattering in his mind, whispering doubt and suspicion towards anyone he saw. When the other laid down, he allowed himself to sit after walking a little more into her cave. It felt like a nice place with familiar smells compared to the outside world. Regarding her curiously, he thought over his words before saying them. I can understand the need for suspicion and privacy in a world such as this. he replied, his own voice sounding somewhat nondescript. What is done is done, and I do not hold a grudge against you. Jarssenth's tail twitched a bit from time to time, as if there was a fly on it. His thoughts weren't going into particularly nice places at this point. How long have you been awake? What exactly -is- this place? Where are the rest of us?
  10. Will respond to the roleplay when I can. Been a crazy day and I just deleted what I was typing because it sucked, haha.

  11. Beware, the Derp Dragon has a job now.

  12. Tag, you're it,...had I been a real ninja you would be dead, mwahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  13. OOC: Ring of Scales

    As in no more people joining in. Sorry, used to seeing [OPEN] and [CLOSED] in the titles of a lot of roleplay forums I used to frequent.
  14. New Rules

    29) No making sense. Period. That's not allowed!
  15. Chat Suggestion

    I read earlier that Vlooi stepped down so likely there's nothing that can be done about this, but . . Why not bring it up anyways? So far there's no way of knowing if anybody's actually in the chat at the time. Sometimes I've logged in and saw absolutely zero people there. Any way to list who might be signed onto chat?