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  1. Just a trip down memory lane. Sad to see the site so...quiet, though. It had such promise.

  2. Just saving some old things~

  3. Was I such a monster?

    1. Spirit Balanceholder

      Spirit Balanceholder

      nah mate, just mislead, but who in life is never mislead?

  4. "You defeat yourself before you ever even begin"

  5. ~ "You defeat yourself before you ever begin."

  6. Ever have a problem eat at your mind that you could not solve?

  7. ...I'll be poking my head in now and again today...

  8. *Hiding in the shadows, silent*

  9. Again, yet again, my gaze returns...

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    2. Eternity Freefate

      Eternity Freefate

      Tell the ones who would care I'm back, for now.

      I dont make promices that fate can alter, however.

    3. Kalstatha Xoshia

      Kalstatha Xoshia

      You of all beings should know that the dead don't always stay silent.

    4. Spirit Balanceholder

      Spirit Balanceholder

      and you should know that old friends dont forget people who were important to them, its good to see you're still around brother

  10. I might get into a RP again... Need something to catch my interest.

    1. Shadowfaze


      Depends what you want. Pitch me an idea, i'm not the moderator for nothing, you know.

  11. I'll be in chat for a bit, Come talk if you like, I'm just working on some writings.

  12. Hope your doing well. Been some time, Caren.

  13. Everyone, I'll be in chat as long as I can. ...Please, come say a hellow for me if you can. ^.=.^

  14. Why don't some of us go to chat and wait for others to follow?

    1. Spirit Balanceholder

      Spirit Balanceholder

      i can wait for you if you like.

      i will be there from 15:00 till 3:00.

      UTC +01:00

  15. It's been quite some time.

  16. Zshar'okes, Drez'ane rias gira Morut.

    I wish you well, wherever time may taken you.

  17. Wonders if anyone will remember his scaled hide around here.

    1. Spirit Balanceholder

      Spirit Balanceholder

      I certainly do tal, i doubt I ever won't, except in RL perhaps

    2. Eternity Freefate
    3. Krystalis
  18. Considering comming back more full time ish.

  19. wishes more people would read his words of wisdom And his book....

  20. Awakened from a slumber, a meditation... I am renewed once again. A happy hio to all who know me!

  21. Chapter VI is uploaded, at last.

  22. Thank you for the compliment, Dacorian. Your signature sure beats my own, though.