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About Me

Welcome To the cave. The cave of the dragon fated to walk into doom, yet gifted to walk out.

I am Talon Lightbringer, A high dragon. I serve none, not any more. My blade is sharp, my armor as hard as my resolve. I will look upon you and see you, I will offer my wisdom and unbiased perspective if you ask it and I deem it worthy to my own regards of honor and duty.


I am here with one purpose:


To live my life free, not chained by my own claws any longer; and to let old kin who still remember know that they are not alone in this world we tread. May our scales always be strong, our claws and maws sharp and strong.



And may our eyes glimmer with the life of what we are... Never to fade, our souls never forgotten.


~ "I am no more or less important then a single spoken word; or a symphony of sound."

-Talon Lightbringer