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  1. Just a trip down memory lane. Sad to see the site so...quiet, though. It had such promise.

  2. Just saving some old things~

  3. Was I such a monster?

    1. Spirit Balanceholder

      Spirit Balanceholder

      nah mate, just mislead, but who in life is never mislead?

  4. 5 States of Matter (Theory)

    {Disclaimer: I do not endorse anything in this topic to be correct or true. This is simply speculation - please treat it as such. However, any thoughts on the matter are welcomed.} 5 states of matter exist from mass to energy. I speculate that mass and energy are the same thing, in separate "states" that can transition - but that we simply don't have the current capability to observe these occurrences. 1. Solids. Solids are the lowest form of energy. They act as particles, affect gravity the most, and are the least active on subatomic level; stable. 2. Liquids. Liquids are a step closer to energy in the scale. Solids commonly transfer to this state when energy is added to it's atomic equation, causing it to transition closer once absorption of energy reaches a certain threshold. I assume they affect gravity less- but I require more information. On a atomic level, they are freer then solids, and therefore assumedly more active. Noted as well; they act more like waves then simple particles. 3. Gases. Gases are another link in the chain. Again, introducing energy to a liquid, or enough to a solid; will cause the matter to change to a freer state once more - and again more active on a atomic level. Noted also is the re-occurrence of the increase of the wave behavior, and the lessened impact of gravity and other weak subatomic forces. Let it be noted that I theorize that energy (such as radio, infrared, gamma, Ect.) passes "threw" such matter with greater ease as it follows up the chain towards energy itself. 4. Plasma(s) Plasma is a form of "supercharged" and ionized gas. Like the transitions stated before, adding enough energy to gas will cause it to shift into a plasma. I assume plasma acts very much like energy and only very slightly like matter; gravity has much less effect on it, as the electromagnetic forces in it's subatomic structure are stronger then the weak force of gravity. 5. Energy Now, I cannot state the series of transitions to be complete, but after all I am no physicist. But I theorize that if enough energy can be introduced to the subatomic structure of a plasma, like in the sun; it would transfer the mass into it's final opposing state of energy. I believe like the 3 states most people commonly see transition back and forth and skip levels- such as sublimation; mass and energy as well can do similar things. Perhaps in the intense expanse inside our sun, Sol, Plasma is transformed into the radiation that it expels in the form of infrared (heat) and other radiations (light, Ect). If this is in fact the case, then perhaps as solid ice can turn to liquid water, water to gaseous steam, and steam into plasma (if "charged" enough) - and back the opposite way; it may be rather logical to assume that matter and Energy can also preform within similar thresholds in a similar fashion. If this is in fact the case, then it would be wise for a species capable of asserting said knowledge as a very fundamental and powerful tool in the universe around us. (Dark matter?). (Anti matter?) - Other topics I have yet to properly place in this list. Perhaps Anti matter would be retrospectively the same, just like on a fundamental level there tends to be particles of one variant in 2 distinct charges/states/frequencies.
  5. Sad news. PLEASE READ.

    "They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it. Death cannot kill what never dies" -William Penn I have little words to share my feelings of this news. It is sorrowing, but also in spiritual ways, a feeling of finality and memories to be savored and kept close to heart. She will be sorely missed, my thoughts will go out to her this evening, in respect and honor of an rather honorable dragon. May fate be kind and grant you another crossroads in another life.
  6. Hio, ED. It's been a while, hasn't it?

    Hio.. ...I...Well I don't have the most to say these days. I had a bit of a wipe-out, It put me out of commission for almost 2 months. I'd rather not get into the details... But I will say it was my own fault. I haven't spoken to nearly anyone else, including in person... well since about the 10th of September. ...So needless to say, I'm quite shook up still. I figured I'd come to where I remember being the most, long ago. I cannot promise my stay, or that my communication skills are fully comfortable; But I decided it was at the very least good manners not to lurk silently. Forgive my lack of enthusiasm and vigor you might remember as well. I'm missing someone I care very deeply for, and its taking a rather large toll on my morale. I really do hate to be so...well, depressing with my return. However I suppose in due time, my pains - both physical, and mental; will resolve itself after much introspective assessment. I'll be on once in a while today, and perhaps days to come. It's nice to see the site received an upgrade, I must say. Cheers.
  7. Hio, ED. It's been a while, hasn't it?

    I'll send you a Pm. ...Your really the only person who knows more about this - and I refuse to share anything for her sake.
  8. "You defeat yourself before you ever even begin"

  9. Hio, ED. It's been a while, hasn't it?

    ...Some issues are not wholly my own. I would say my heart is deeply involved with this, as is another whom I have failed deeply. I - like I have here, vanished. I have an excuse - a valid one, at that - but It matters little. I got out of the hospital on the 3rd, but I was gone over 2 months. ...Too long. I still haven't been able to find a way to simply say "I'm back" without bite and excuses. ...I don't even know if she...well anything. Hates me, misses me, or anything. ...And, for once, I'm too scared to look.
  10. Hio, ED. It's been a while, hasn't it?

    Missed you lots Oreo. It's been a hard recovery... Don't even get me started on my problems with what I'm going to tell someone close to me I'm sure you talk to still. To be fair, I've given up almost completely on my resolve there. ...I hope she is ok. -_- Anyways, I'll still be around if you wish to poke me with that tail of yours. Scaly Lurve.
  11. The End of MSN?

    I also support this. Skype used to kill my Ipod touch's connection speed like no tomorrow.
  12. im bored so heres some randomness

    Baby back ribs?
  13. ~ "You defeat yourself before you ever begin."

  14. im bored so heres some randomness

    The other, other white meat.
  15. 5 States of Matter (Theory)

    Well, I learned of Plasma's mostly in Physics 30 - But that was a grade 12 class I was taking in Grade 11. Intrigued, I did more research on my own now and then as the topic is of quite some interest to me.
  16. Hio, ED. It's been a while, hasn't it?

    I suppose this place has some comfort for me. To be honest, recently I have had little motivation in myself to socialize much with anyone anymore... Not to sound too melodramatic. It's just personal feelings - I find I'm getting very easily irritated and feeling negative without good reason. When I'm here, I have some fond memories; and somewhat trust the general crew that inhabits this site. So... when I come here, I have something good to focus on, instead of hermit-ing myself in a quiet room. I do hope - well no, I will try - To stay for time to come. I was here in /08 - when I was 17. Now I'm 21 and still, I find myself thinking of this place when I'm doing my daily thing. It's nice to see old faces as well. ^.=.^
  17. im bored so heres some randomness

    Eyes that burrow into your soul.
  18. Ever have a problem eat at your mind that you could not solve?

  19. 5 States of Matter (Theory)

    I'll have to look into this when I have more time and attention to give the subject. Thank you for the read though - can you pm the link to me when you have the time?
  20. The End of MSN?

    My Verdict is simple. Dumb move, nothing surprising however. F*#%ing Typical Microsoft act if you ask me.
  21. ED News Post 05/11/12

    ED News? It goes well with my morning tea.
  22. ...I'll be poking my head in now and again today...

  23. Hio, ED. It's been a while, hasn't it?

    I'll do my best Loc. Every day with happy faces of my kin - is another I hope to return to. Glad I was missed, even if a little bit.