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  1. Oh and also, find me on skype! I'm on it daily ^^ (( Lunedrake ))

  2. Oh man, I need to stop doing this! It's been such a bumpy road since collage started and it doesn't help my absence from friends! So I'm peeking my snout in again to say... hi ^.-.^.

  3. Miss you!!

    1. Dragon spirit

      Dragon spirit

      Oh gosh! Look at you! You've grown into a fine and amazing artist, so jelly <3


      How have things been?

  4. *Hugs* hello nice to see you around.

    1. Dragon spirit

      Dragon spirit

      *hugs right back* I wasn't around much, but of course it's nice to see you too ^^

  5. I thought I'd give my page a little peak after such a long while, it's almost been a year since last time! How is everyone? o3o

    1. Loc_zsu


      You there! *chains you to the forum* I've got you now!

    2. Krystalis


      Hai scory. i'm ok

  6. I don't quite understand what you meant there sis, what's up? :O

    1. Azdeha


      haha sorry about that brother. What I ment was I was supposed to be in the air force already working my way to moving over seas....but that has been put on hold even longer than expected. problems after problems it sucks so much! how are you brother? tell me about your life these days :)

  7. Good day Bernadette! I hope you've been well and thought i'd give your page a peak.

    Hope the summer is treating you well :D

  8. Ill be on that side of the world in no time brother

  9. Somewhere over the rainbow......way up high....

    1. Spirit Balanceholder

      Spirit Balanceholder

      lives a unicorn... trying to learn how to fly....

    2. Krystalis
  10. Scribbles

    *shakes head* Don't worry Ori, it can wait until things gotten less stressful and the moment you showed that to me made me realize how far you've come! You must be proud ^.=.^
  11. I'm engaged...And so is Ori

    Hah wow, so many wedding wows lately! I'm so happy for both you two, and this was certainly unexpected o.=.o But one can never expect moments like these can they? *smiles broadly* Congratulations for both of you!
  12. My love to all of you

    It's an odd thing about this site, i always seem to come across the most heartfilled things. May it be art, writing or a simple gesture, it has always or more than often been for the greater good and to share that warm special moment with another. This is one of those moments, and for that I thank you. Thank you for sharing this with us Nav, It's something none of us can get enough of.
  13. Hey :)

    It's great to see you! Now drag Haku back with you ;D
  14. Rouwr!

    Oh things have been alright, it's good to see you again! I hope you and Haku are doing good too
  15. Round 3?

    *chuckle* Back up and at it again, eh bro?