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  1. im bored so heres some randomness

    *throws a pie at the egg* well it's I guess it's back to the cheesecake for me :)
  2. Count to One Million

    489 :D
  3. I Change the Person Above Me into______.

    You be dead! I change you into a zombie :) spice it up a little :D
  4. Spirituality

    cool so , about spitituality. I am not sure whether ro ask a question and look for answers and starts a discussion or go straight in with some of my ideas. I think ill listen to how others feel and add my views and opinions to the discussion. Errmmm , does anyone here believe that the faith oif Islam has an overly aggresive and masculine image , discriminating women and others? Such as the portests across the UK recently with such banners as 'Butcher those who oppose Islam' and other slogans etc. btw watch this -~-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7ok4njJXI8 if you're interested in what im saying. Thoughts and opinions? I personally believe it is a disgrace the dicrimination that goes on in the name of 'peace' in some far western countries. I don't want to come across as a racist or discriminatory i just wanted to start the topic strongly , as i know this is a controversial subject , and chould get this thread kicking and alive , and i am perfectly open to all ideas from you lovly jubbly guys :3
  5. The Chat

    hmmm , i remember the old flashchat , and i have been on IRC for other forums and with my cousin (its how we communicate, he runs a few websites/forums) i have to say i quite like the simplicity of IRC and how small , light and simple it is. Flash chat is a lot more demanding of a computer , and does need an internet browser, thus it has the disadvantages stated above ^ . Im sure that the more techy guys will be familiar with the technological advantages IRC holds over flashchat , but i have to say the general population , and most active users are not that fussed over those differences , so if it brings more people back to ye olde chate-room , i'd vote flashchat.
  6. Back , i think?

    hey guys! thanks for the welcome , and Ramoth , dont worry im not as bad as i was before , and Arsenod (or noddy) dont worry about it , as far as im concerned you're a more active member than me. Thanks guys :D oh yeah.. and.. *hugs ramoth back* :]
  7. im bored so heres some randomness

    fair enough.
  8. im bored so heres some randomness

    what , weirder things than me? ZOMG!
  9. negative engry

    i am familiar with negative energy and i know how it feels , i am or have been in a period of my life that was full of negative energy , it might still be now. It took a long time to realise that deep down , i was truly unhappy about where i was going , where i was , who i was with and what i had cast aside.I am generally a person of a sunny disposition ,and there have been many points when i have attempted to fool those around me and even myself that i was happy , purely to give them peace of mind. i tried many things to try and let out the anger , but when they didn't work , i just felt more and more angry at myself , and the feeling of failure grew.you could put it this way , my emotions was a bottle of coke , and every now and then someone droppped a mento in. Now and then i burst up , but they put the cap on pretty quickly. So theres still alot of anger in me , but i've finally learnt to just let it go. Just realise , in your own way , that all of 'this' is meaningless in the immense circle of life. Some say that just lessons a persons inner feeling of importance but i found comfortr in my insignificance. Negative energy can take over you , dont let it rule your life.
  10. Eternal Sorrow

    well , i hear what you say Dacorian , and i dont want you to feel as id we are agreeing to make you feel bad or anything like that but i can't help but agree with Arsenod/noddy i know that you have your own opinions and views on the world and on the people within it , but if you attempt , which i am not saying you where , but if you were to attempt to push your views , that would go from just quietly saying how you feel in your own corner of the internet to something different and worse , which i believe is wrong , although having said that i will remember consider your views when i post , despite the fact i consider myself otherkin inside. As it is best not to flounder 'free speech' in a persons face , knowing it will offend them. all the best Dacorian.
  11. Back , i think?

    Hey guys , i just wanted to let you know that i will be returning as a member of this site after an abscenece of nearly a year? well hopefully it will be a more permanent return unlike when i 'came back' for a week or so after another long Haitus. Well i hope too see all you old friends and new members on the forum (i generally lurk in the general discussion forum) so yeah , decided to keep this one short , no reasons that i would really like to put out on the web that as to why i'm back but i think i am. I will probably be not so consitent as when i first joined this wonderfull community though (school etc) so dont be surprised im i just come and go.
  12. im bored so heres some randomness

    quite possibly , btw shadow raven , how did you change your member title ting-a-ling? you used to have to hit like 2500 posts or be staff or summat , but you iz neither. i r discombobulated - yes that is a word , look it up.
  13. im bored so heres some randomness

    sorry i thik i dont know you? sozzle , i confuzzled you with another member from a while ago , i just looked through lol and my last true post on here was like back at page 317 or summat , and that was after a 5 month death , and i was only back for like a week ): Sorry peeps , wait how shall i explain my dissapearace? Death , facing Death with only gravy and a chopstick? or being a retard and getting lost. Or maybe i just spent the whole time trying to sit in the corner in a lighthouse?
  14. im bored so heres some randomness

    wow yeah , when was my last post? like 7 months ago? and then that was like 5-6 posts with another 7month or so gap, phew sorry about being such an 'inconsistent' member of this forum , hello to Arsenod the Red and vlooi , i dont think we've met before as you must have joined whilst i was ermm... stuck in the abyss? Well i think i'm back now so heeey! :D damn i remember the old-school ED but it's always nice to see new peeps!
  15. Word Association

    ENEMY AC130 ABOVE! (: